Saturday, December 11, 2010

We're in Florida!

Yesterday was a tough day but we made it safely, but not to the destination we planned!  Again, those plans made of Jello!

We thought we'd get out of town early since we had most everything loaded and the toad was hooked up to the motor home.  Those last minute details just kept popping up!  I literally mopped my way out the door!  We wanted to take enough time to make sure we didn't forget anything and 200 miles down the road, wonder if something was done or forgotten.

Anyway about 10:30 as we were pulling out, the Realtor was pulling in showing the house.

That leaking tire we discovered on Thursday was still leaking.  It's a slow leak but enough to concern us.  Al had tightened the valve and monitor thinking maybe he hadn't quite gotten it tight the last time.  Unfortunately that wasn't the problem because it was down to about 76 pounds yesterday morning.

First stop, Russell Tire.  We got a nice young man to look at it. I explained that unless we knew exactly what the problem was, that I would worry :)  We thought we needed a new valve stem.  He checked the tire over carefully and put some soap around the rim and valve.  He wasn't convinced that was where the leak was coming from and kept looking.  He finally discovered the cause.

The seam on these valve stem extensions had broken.  Probably from over tightening it or banging the wheel cover against it trying to put it back on.   Lesson learned.

An hour and a half later and $40 poorer, we left there to go get the propane filled. Our local guy that was going to bring it to the house, never quite made it.

We'd gotten propane at this place years ago and didn't realize they must have changed the parking lot around and no way could we pull in there and get back out without unhooking the toad.  We got that done and hooked back up and we were finally ready to leave town about 1:00pm.  We were already tired.  I had gotten up at 3am yesterday morning and by this time, I was needing a nap.

Our plan was to head about 100 miles to Stephen Foster Folk Cultural Center State Park (where we had reservations).  

A little while later we word that my Mother was having some medical issues.  The call was from an aunt in North Carolina who talked to her sister in Tampa that was with Mom.  We weren't able to find out what was going on, so we decided to head on down to Tampa.  Poor Al was tired already and didn't really feel like driving all day.

Part way down, we finally got a call from the Aunt in Tampa and Mom had just had a weak spell at the doctor and she was fine.  The doctor had ruled out some serious issues and was sending her for another test.  

We decided we would never make it to Tampa before dark and decided to stay at the Escapee Park in Bushnell Florida.  It's only about 60 miles from Tampa.  

We got to Sumpter Oaks Rv park in Bushnell about 5:20.  They were very friendly  and the park is nice and clean.  We got into a pull through sight so we didn't even have to un-hook the toad.  We were invited to a  jam session and sloppy joe dinner at the club house.  We sure would have liked to have gone for the food because we were exhausted by that time....but we were both just TOO UGLY.  It was way beyond just putting on a hat and calling it good.  We decided to stay home and see what we could find that was easy.

The Nuwave oven saved us again. I took some chicken tenders from the freezer and dusted them with a McCormick country style seasoning and threw them in the oven.  You can't really screw up those tenders and the Nuwave did it's usual thing.  They were delicious.  Got to get some more of that stuff.  I put them on some sandwich rounds and added a piece of cheese and tomato and we had a nice dinner.  That and a few glasses of wine for me and beer for Al, we were happy.

The cats settled down and even Medium and Dolly are back to normal after their traumatic day.  

I had forgotten how comfortable our new memory foam mattress is and the bed felt SO good.

This morning we're going to shower and head over to the community center for a breakfast.  We really like it here!  Wish we could stay longer, but we'll head to Tampa a little later and get to Silver Dollar Resort a day earlier than planned.

I haven't gotten any pictures of the campground, but will try to get some later this morning. It's pretty full.


  1. Congratulations! You finally left home! Some days are just like just doesn't work out as planned. Glad you like the Escapee park - in the two we have stayed at we found the people to be very friendly.

    OK now, get yourselves to Tampa and slow down and relax. You're a snowbird!

    Glad to hear that your mother's problems don't appear to be too serious at the moment.

    Have a good day. I'm heading over to see the mouse with big ears.

  2. Sounds like a bit of a stressful first day on the road but I'm glad you made it to Florida safely and will soon be settled in Tampa.

  3. Oh boy, what a long day you had!

    I'm glad you're in FL, finally!

  4. Glad you made it to FL...we would have been at Bushnell if the weather hadn't been so cold. We ended up further south...LOL!

    We'll be in Lakeland for Jan/Feb though!

  5. Even though it was a stressful day at least you are now on the road. Hope you get to kick back a little and hpe your mom is feeling better.

  6. Waving to you two from Ocala! We had sun here yesterday so hope it found you too! Best to your mom

  7. Yeah.......hooray, you made it. Looking forward to pictures!

  8. Sounds like you have had a few trying days, trying to get on the road.

    Glad that you finally made it, its too bad you had to drive so much that first day.

    Glad that it is nothing serious with you Mom.

    Kevin and Ruth


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