Friday, December 17, 2010

Visiting Friends

It finally warmed up yesterday with the temperature up to 70.  It is supposed to be even warmer today, but then we have another cool front coming in on Saturday.  Fortunately this cool front isn't going to be as bad as the last one.

Al spent the day working, and I took Mom to visit two of her friends.  The first was to visit our old next door neighbor Bobbie.  She and her husband lived next door to us.  He was a prisoner of war for 18 months, in WWII after the plane he was flying was shot down.  They were very good neighbors and he helped Al fix many, many things.  He taught Al a lot over the years.  He passed away a few years ago at  86. Mom and his wife Bobbie have become good friends so I took Mom to visit her.  After that we went over to visit Mom's other friend Kathy.  She is almost 93 years old and still lives by herself.  She still drives (scary), but she really needs to be in an assisted living facility, or have someone live with her.  She is nearly deaf, so talking to her is no fun.

Today I have to take Mom to the doctor to discuss the results from some tests she had done.  I want to be there, so I can hopefully get some answers.

Al has to head back to Bushnell today for an account, so I may try to ride up there with him.  It will depend on what the doctor says.  There is a campground there that is advertising $199 introductory special.  It may be a good cheap option, so we want to check it out.

Another exciting day in Florida!  One of these days, we hope to do something fun!  It won't be today though!


  1. Just remember...any day in Florida is better than a day somewhere else! Have fun soon!

  2. Glad to hear sunny Florida is starting to warm up a bit!

  3. Are you talking about one in Zephyrhills? If so, I think we have friends staying there. Like us they normally go to the SKP park in Bushnell but couldn't pass up the special.

  4. At least you are warm. Hope your mother's tests came out ok so you will be able to go have some fun time.


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