Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Tomorrow's the Day

I can't believe it's here already, but we're leaving for Tampa tomorrow, and boy have we got a lot to do first!

I guess we'll start moving into it today and spend the night there tonight. That way everything we need will be in one place. We're trying to conserve propane as much as possible.  

In a motor home the propane tanks can't be removed and you have to take the motor home to get the tanks refilled.  That can be a bit of a hassle so we try to avoid it as much as possible.  We bought an "Extend a Stay" kit from Camping World a long time ago.  Our understanding is that you can attach a portable propane tank to it, and your motor home can run off of that portable tank.  We've never used it so we aren't sure it will even work.  It looks like we'll be needing lots of propane for out furnace the next week or two!  Can anyone give me their experience with an "Extend a Stay"?

I have to finish loading the motor home today and clean the house.  Al is finishing up clearing out the storage shed.  He has to load the bikes and kayaks and find some room for an extra propane tank and some firewood.  He was smart and took some firewood to Tampa last month when he was there.  Once we get to Tampa, we'll have plenty, but we're not going directly there.  

Today will be a very busy day!


  1. You guys have a safe trip and hope it warms up for you. 17 deg in KC

  2. Maybe you should check with the park where you will be staying. We have a sign up sheet in the clubhouse and the propane truck delivers once a week to those on the list. Probably a few cents more, but much easier than moving the MH. We haven't had to use the service yet, but probably will this winter.

  3. Pretty exciting! Good luck on your preparations for leaving tomorrow. Seems odd worrying about propane when going to Tampa, doesn't it?

  4. We have carried the cable for a portable propane bottle for four years and have never used it. I see many long term campers have them, so it should be simple enough.

    In the end, we just have not needed it. Our heat pump will run until 35 degrees and then the propane will kick in.

    We have never stayed in one place for more than two months and mostly a couple weeks is max. Maybe that is the reason.

    I see Margie and Roger has also noted the delivery service that will usually come to the snowbird parks. That is an easy solution to propane, as well.

  5. We use a Vornado, electric heater most all of the time in our motorhome. Only fire the furnace up when it gets to the low 30's and below-and for a short time at that. We figure if we're paying for the electric in site fees-use it and conserve propane.The Vornado does a super job. We know you're excited to get going-enjoy!

  6. I agree with Margie - in fact I'm waiting for the propane truck to show up this morning. It's so worth it to have them come to the house instead of packing up the house to go to them.

  7. Have a safe drive to Tampa. We wish we were going too.

    Travel Safe

  8. Yep, checking into propane delivery is a good idea, we have it here too. Safe travels!

  9. Hope you don't have any breakdowns on your trip. Seems like everyone does.

    Stay safe and warm.


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