Venture Out - Cudjoe Key

Venture Out - Cudjoe Key

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cold Snap and Poison Ivy….again


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 75, low 70)


Burrrrr.   It has been cold here in Florida.  A few days ago a freeze was predicted, but fortunately it didn’t get quite that cold.  For some reason, Florida cold seems colder than elsewhere.  

They are predicting a very cold winter, and I believe it.  It’s already been usually cool here in Tampa, and it’s even chilly in the Keys with lows in the 60’s.   We are wishing we could be in the Keys now, but with Al’s upcoming rotator cuff surgery and the fact that we have our Keys lot rented for December and January, I guess we won’t be going anytime soon.   :(

Al’s surgery has been moved up a week, and we’re hoping for someone to cancel so that he can get it done even earlier.  Currently, it’s scheduled for December 23.  I don’t think he will have a merry Christmas!   He’s going to need some healing time before we head to the Keys, but we’re hoping to go early in February.

Right now, he is still battling poison ivy.   He had it numerous times last summer and finally figured out he got it from petting a neighbors dog.  It got worse when we got back here.  We found what we think was a poison ivy plant growing on our lot.  I removed it, dug all the plants near it and also removed a lot of the dirt and mulch from around the plant. That hasn’t seemed to help.  He feels miserable with what he describes as the “heebie jeebies.”   He is extremely grumpy.   :(   

Supposedly, you cannot get poison ivy without touching the oil from the plant, but they also say it can become airborne when someone mows or weed whacks.   I believe Al can get it by being near it. 

I’ve been looking for some Octagon soap like Sherry recommended.  I wish I had known about it when we were in Georgia because I haven’t been able to find it around here.  Maybe Whole Foods will have it.

He went through one dose of Prednisone and it seemed to help, but as soon as that wore off, came back.  I’m not sure if he can get another prescription so soon, but I guess we’ll have to check with the doctor if he’s not better Monday.  

In the meantime, I’ve been online looking for natural remedies.  I came across a recipe for a paste made from turmeric and lime juice.  I smeared it all over his chest area and it might be helping. Fingers crossed.  At the moment, he’s not itching and has no heebie jeebies.   Yay!  I also found a recipe for a milk mixture made with turmeric.   We’re going to try that to see if it helps him internally.

I’m hoping he can get over this before the surgery, because I don’t think he needs the pain from rotator cuff surgery along with poison ivy.

If anybody has any other home remedies, or suggestions, please let me know.  We’ll try anything.   Poor guy is miserable and he’s making me miserable too.    :)