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Venture Out - Cudjoe Key
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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Poison Ivy Saga Continues


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 85, low 68)

The weather is crazy.  It was cloudy and warm yesterday and rain and thunderstorms are possible for the next 3 days.  We’re hoping not to get anything severe.  Yep, I think this is going to be a wet and cool winter.


Thanks to everyone that offered  suggestions and moral support for Al and his latest bout of poison ivy.

The other night we tried a poultice made from turmeric and lime juice.  It seemed to help him that night and he did pretty well the next day. If he developed another itchy spot, I’d smear more of the turmeric on him.  The next day,  I went to the store and replenished my supply of turmeric thinking we had found the magic cure.   Of course that would be too easy.

That night it started driving him crazy again. He felt like it was internally as well as externally. He was getting the heebie jeebies and also getting extremely irritable.   I made another paste with my new turmeric and lime, but this time it burned his skin and and didn’t seem to relieve the itch or the heebie jeebies.  I wondered if the new turmeric I bought was more potent.

The worse he became, the grouchier he got and I was ready to strangle him.

We remembered (thanks to a comment yesterday from Jan) a product we had called Zanfel.   Our friend Barry gave Al a sample tube a a week or two ago.   Al used it once, but at that time he wasn’t having a big problem with the PI and he forgot about it until Jan reminded us.  Anyway, long story short, he had a little left in the tube and decided to try it again.   It stopped the itch and the heebie jeebies and he slept all night.  Yay!   of course he took 4 Benadryl)

We found some Zanfel at the grocery store, but the darn stuff is $40 for a 1 oz tube!   We hoped we could find it cheaper online and we did. I ordered two tubes for $20 each. Still a little expensive, but if it helps, it will be worth it.

While researching reviews for Zanfel, I found a review from a guy who gets PI constantly from his dogs.   That caught my attention since Al seems to get it the same way.    Anyway, this guy said he discovered another product called Mean Green.  It’s an industrial strength hand cleaner.   It has some of the same ingredients as Zanfel, and  has been working well for this guy preventing/stopping poison ivy.  He showers with it every day and has kept the PI at bay all summer.

Finally, we have hope.   People don’t realize what Al goes through with poison ivy.  He gets it 15-20 times a year I would guess.  Most bouts aren’t as bad as this one.

I’m posting this info on the blog because I know Al is not the only one that is a poison ivy magnet. 

Mean Green Hand Cleaner   I went ahead and ordered two jars.  $20 each and $12 shipping.  The shipping was the same for one jar as two, so I ordered two jars.  If it doesn’t help the PI, it will clean our hands!   I’ll let you know how it works.  It’s a 60 oz jar.

I can’t say for sure how it works, but there were several positive reviews about it and it’s worth a try for us.  It’s an industrial strength hand cleaner.





Zanfel has great reviews, but is almost $40 for a 1 oz tube.  I found it on E-bay much cheaper, so if you’re susceptible to poison ivy, you might want to have some on hand.

I ordered 2 tubes of this too, but in the meantime, we’re going to buy another tube.  We found it at Walmart for $35. 


We’re hoping the Mean Green will work so that Al can bathe with it and that it will prevent future break-outs.