Sunrise in the Florida Keys

Sunrise in the Florida Keys

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Google + Photos Nightmare




Maybe it’s just me, but I think Google is trying to take over the world.  :)

For the most part, I love Google, but I’m not at all happy with the Google + photo and I wish I would have never tried the program.

It’s just too complicated and I do not need anything so complicated.   I know if you don’t get on board with all the changes in technology, you’ll be left behind.  Maybe that’s what’s happened to me already, because I am certainly behind when it comes to Google +, hangouts, circles, photos, and all the new features they are offering/shoving down our throats.

I am not really sure what I did, but I wanted to check out the photo editing software that Google + photos offer.  At this point, I’m not even sure what I did, or how I got here, but I’m here and not liking it.

It turns out when you use Google + photos, the default is for them to automatically enhance all of your photos. 

Now, all my photos have been “enhanced” by Google and I do not like that at all.

After the fact, I found where you could turn off the auto enhancement feature, but unfortunately, that seems to be for new photos you add and the old photos stay enhanced.

I have been going back to all of my albums, one by one and “un-enhancing” them album by album.

BUT…..when I go back to the album later, the darn auto enhance is back on and my photos are once again enhanced.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

I like Picasa for organizing and editing any photos I choose.  I can crop, straighten, correct lighting, but until I actually save the photo, my original is not changed.

Google+ photos seems to want to be all powerful and make it difficult for me to make my own decisions.

For any of you who use this, my questions are:

1.  how to I turn off Google + photos?  I don’t want to use it anymore and I want my pictures back like I had them.

2.  are my original photos actually changed by the auto enhance feature? 

3.  how to I get an album to revert back to non enhanced photos,  and stay reverted?  I do not want them to auto enhance my photos. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fraud Alert


Yesterday, we got home from a day out in the boat and intended to relax on the patio and enjoy a little happy hour.

I brought out my laptop, my cocktail and proceeded to enjoy my evening but I was immediately stopped in my tracks with an email from out bank stating was suspicious activity on our account.

After looking at the email from Bank of America, I noticed a link that would allow me to sign on to our account.   I was suspicious and felt certain the email was a scam, but clicked on the link anyway. (probably shouldn’t have)  I never intended to give my password information to try to log onto our bank accounts.

A few days prior to this Rick did a post about the Heartbleed bug.  You can read it HERE.

Rick suggested if you used Google Chrome (which I do, thanks to Rick’s recommendation) you should get their extension to tell you if the Heartbleed bug was on any programs you were using.

As soon as I clicked on the link from the email supposedly from the bank, I got the notification warning me of the Heartbleed bug on the site I was on.

At this point, I noticed another dead give-away in a misspelled word in the email.  Another clue. 

I called the bank to make sure nothing was wrong on our accounts and was assured everything was fine.  They asked that I forward the fake email to them, which I did.

So…..thanks Rick!   I had figured out already that I had an issue, but the warning from Chrome sealed the deal, that and the misspelled word.


I mentioned that Al had another mishap yesterday.   He is okay, but is a bit sore.

We had gone out boating and were loading the boat onto the trailer at the marina.  He backed the trailer into the water and waded out to guide the boat on the trailer.

As he was walking towards the trailer, he slipped on some slimy algae covered concrete. He fell hard, landing on his butt, and  breaking the fall with his elbow.  He is sore all over today, but it doesn’t appear anything is broken.  Poor Al.

That was the third event from our day of boating.

The first one was after we were out a few miles in the Kemp channel, heading to the back country to do some fishing.

I went to get my camera to take a picture of a dolphin and realized the “blue bag” was missing.   Uh oh.  It had my camera, his wallet (fishing license) and phones.  

When Al carried the blue bag out from the motor home, he put it in the back seat of the truck, where it was easily forgotten.  I thought he had put it in the boat and only realized it was missing when I went to get my camera.

So, our choice was to stay out with no phone  or fishing license or go back to shore?  Although we do have a marine radio, I kind of like having a phone along for emergencies.   So, we decided to head back in to pick up the bag. 

When we got back to the dock, we decided to pull up to the gas pumps and top off our tank.

The truck had just come that morning and filled up the fuel tanks, so we were expecting a price increase, but the sign still said $4.93 a gallon.

After we topped off the tank, Al went inside to pay, and the park manager came by.  He asked if we had gotten our fuel yet, because he was getting ready to change the price of the gas, but wanted to wait for us to get our gas at the lower price.  I watched as he changed the numbers.

Here is the NEW fuel price for the non-ethanol marine fuel.

Yikes!   We got a deal at only $4.93.


Regular gasoline is $3.79 a gallon, but it’s worth it for the sake of the new motor to pay the difference for the non-ethanol fuel.   Good thing our new motor is more fuel efficient than the old one!

Al thinks he is off the hook for the missing blue bag, since it allowed us to get gas for the pre-increase prices.  I’m wondering how much we really saved by having to go back in those few miles.  :)

The next issue was someone forgot to secure the lid on the 5 gallon bucket we keep in the boat and it was missing.   I won’t say who that person was, but it may be enough to say it was the third “oops” of the day for that person.   :)

We finally got back out on the water for some fishing. We got on a good spot and were seeing fish on the fish finder.  Al caught a small grouper, but as we sat there, we noticed the seas were building a little. It wasn’t much fun rocking and rolling while trying to fish or read, so we decided to go back closer to shore where it was calmer.  It was definitely calmer, but the fish were not there.  Al did a little snorkeling, but only saw a barracuda and another small grouper.  The water temperature was 83 degrees though, so he was happy.


After we came home, we decided to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful full moon.  It peaks through the palm trees in just the perfect spot.  It comes up over the Atlantic.


We waited for it to get dark and then went over to the hot tub.

The pool and the hot tub are right near the water, overlooking the Atlantic.  It’s the perfect place for them.

Here is a photo of the hot tub enclosure.  This was taken during daylight, but you can see the lattice for privacy and the open top.  You get a wonderful sea breeze and if the moon is in the right place, you can see the moon over your head.  It’s wonderful.



When we got to the hot tub, it was occupied with 4 very noisy people having a really good time.  We decided not to ruin their party, so we went for a swim in the pool while we were waiting for them to leave.  The pool was nicely heated and it felt wonderful, even for me.  I like very warm water and have absolutely no objection to pool water temps of 90 degrees!

When we got out of the hot tub, we noticed the bright full moon over looking the ocean and right behind a palm tree.  It would have been a beautiful photo, so we went home for the camera.  By the time we got back, the moon was much higher in the sky and the picture wasn’t quite as spectacular.



It was one of those special moments that I try to put down in my memory so that I can later recall the beauty and the feeling I get when I see such beauty.

We stood there for a long time enjoying the moon over the Atlantic.






Sorry for so many repeat pictures, but I cannot choose between them all.


It was a special night.  We’re hoping to re-live it again tonight.  Time to go to the hot tub.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Settling in and Watching the Wind Blow


Cudjoe Key Florida-Venture Out Resort  (high 83, low 73)

We haven’t done anything real exciting since my last post.  The faucet repair was successful, so we didn’t have a flood when we turned back on the kitchen water.  That’s always a good thing!


Initially, when we bought this lot, we intended to plant some hedge style plants to give us some privacy.  After living here for a while, we decided we don’t want to do anything that will block our wonderful sea breeze.  We get such an amazing sea breeze virtually all the time,  and we don’t want to ruin that by planting the wrong things.  When the temperature is cooler, we freeze and don’t appreciate the breeze at all but most of the time it’s very nice.   It also keeps the bugs away.

In addition to the wonderful sea breeze, we can actually see the Atlantic Ocean from our site.  Granted, it’s just a peek through someone else’s bushes, but hey, we can see the ocean!     So close but yet so far.  :)   If we plant the wrong thing, it will ruin our “ocean view.”

Even though our site is out in the open, and in kind of a fish bowl type of setting, our neighbors do their living in their back yards (facing the canals and ocean), so they aren’t exactly watching us anyway.  If we plant things for privacy, it will not only ruin our view and breeze, but make our lot seem smaller.  Right now, we have the illusion of a bigger lot because of the vacant lot in front of us. 

Our thinking now for planting, is to use some  big pots for decoration and color and maybe next winter a palm tree or two.  Whether or not anything will survive over the summer in a pot, is doubtful, but I’m trying to find things that can take some neglect.  We shall see.  I do see a lot of certain types of plants in pots.  I am assuming most of the owners are gone for the summer.

Here is a picture of what we’ve done so far.  A lot of what you see in this picture is not our lot.  Ours ends  before the big hibiscus tree in the back, so you can see we don’t have much room to plant.  Land here in the Keys is expensive. You can see the houses on the canal behind us also are on small lots as well, but boy do they have beautiful views!


There is one beautiful palm I would love to have, but unfortunately it gets much to big for our site.   Isn’t it a beauty?   Unfortunately, my photo didn’t capture it’s true beauty.   I believe its called a silver saw palm.



We are becoming regulars at some local bars for their  happy hour specials.   Fishing and drinking are two of the favorite activities here in the Keys and when it’s too windy to fish, you drink.  Yeah, we’re fitting right in here.   We like to start happy hour at Springers, because it’s cheap, and then move to Boondocks for their live music.  I really need to photograph the inside of Boondocks.  It’s a huge tiki hut and it’s so pretty inside.  It’s a huge place, all open air with tons of ceiling fans to keep it cool.  It’s a lovely “building.”

Local favorite Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band, was playing on Friday, and he always draws a big crowd.  He will be playing with the Doobie Brothers in Key West on May 3rd.  I’m not sure we’ll still be here by then, but we’d love to see that show.


We finally got out in the boat yesterday after a long dry (windy) spell.  The seas were pretty choppy, but we were able to get offshore enough to do some fishing.


Unfortunately, the only thing he caught was a little grunt.

This yellow boat, however, always seems to frequently catch the big ones.  We’ve seen him on numerous occasions chasing after a big fish that they had hooked.  



We are adjusting to life here at Venture Out.  We haven’t been in the pool yet, but we finally made it to the hot tub.   The hot tub is wonderful.    It’s  open air, enclosed with lattice sides for privacy, but the top is open.  We sat in the warm bubbling water looking up at the near full moon and feeling the wonderful ocean breeze.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.   After about half hour, we started getting too warm, so we went home and sat on the patio, enjoying the wonderful breeze and bright moon.   

We are discovering amenities here that we weren’t aware of when we bought our property.   One nice thing is a free compressor to air your tires. You can air up your bicycle, boat, Rv or car tires there. It’s a little thing, but a nice feature.

Another thing we like is that there are 5-6 different laundry facilities.  Each has a clothesline in the back, which is nice because they won’t allow any clotheslines at your site.  Not even the kind you put on your Rv ladder.  I like to hang my clothes outside on occasion, so I like having access to a clothesline.  Each laundry building has bathrooms and nice shower facilities. 

Here are our morning sunrise photos by the marina.  I know I’ve posted similar photos before, but this is the very best place for sun rise.




I never got this posted this morning.  We are back home after a nice day, except Mr. Al had another near catastrophe.  He’s okay though.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Key West and Coach Repairs


Cudjoe Key, Florida – Venture Out Resort (high 79, low 71)


We had pretty sustained 30 mph winds yesterday, so a day in the boat didn’t seem like a good idea, so a trip to Key West was in order since it was nice and cool.

It was a beautiful ride the 20 miles down.

shark channell

Sue told us of a good place to park and after she mentioned it, we remembered parking there as well.

We drove around all over trying to find this place.

We came across some interesting things while looking for a place to park for free.

Key West Airport

We stopped at the beach to use the restroom and saw some interesting things.

This guy was standing on a platform that was held up by water.


He would literally rise right out of the water.


I’m sure it took a lot of skill, but he made it seem easy.  the winds were whipping too, but it didn’t seem to bother him.

I’m not sure what you call this thing.  It’s different from the one where they wear a jetpack on their back.  This must be something new.  Al found something online called a “flyboard”, but it wasn’t quite the same.


We also noticed the shrimpers were out in force.  There must have been half dozen shrimp boats out working.  Maybe it will bring down the price of that wonderful Key West pink shrimp!


The beach wasn’t terribly crowded.

Key West Beach


Our goal was to stay away from the downtown area where all the tourists congregate,  and walk some of the streets that are a few blocks inland.  There are some lovely old homes.

The problem is finding a place to park. 

We ended up right in the midst of the touristy downtown area by Duval Street and Mallory Square.  

Of course, you see all sorts of interesting things.


Everybody wants to be the “southernmost” something.


There is always something interesting to photograph.




How cute is this golf cart?

fancy golf cart

Here is another method of transportation.  You can have this guy ride you around town, for a small fee.

pedi cab

We finally gave up on the free parking lot and went to our old standby lot down by Mallory Square.  It costs $4 an hour, but by this point we didn’t care.

We walked around and saw some interesting things.

cigar factory?

I didn’t get a picture of the building, but evidently Ernest Hemingway wrote Farewell to Arms here.


There are some lovely old homes that have been converted to Bed and Breakfasts.



Al is famous for walking in front of me when I’m trying to take a picture.  This will teach him a good lesson.  :)


We stumbled on this place that from the street looked like a secret garden.

secret garden

We saw nothing saying no trespassing, so we wandered in.

Notice the colorful bicycles parked on the left?  It was like they were part of the colorful design.


It turned out there were little bungalows on both sides of the walkway.


There were groupings of a few bungalows surrounded by a small swimming pools.  I didn’t get more pictures because I felt like I probably shouldn’t be there and was trying to be discreet.



It was lovely.  Cool, shady and private.  Al picked up a brochure on the way out, but the prices were unclear.  They ran from $275 to $620 in high season.  I’m not sure it that was weekly or daily!   It looked like it would have been a wonderful place to stay for a few days.

Another problem with Key West is lack of public restrooms, so after walking for a few hours, we decided to head back to where we knew we could find a bathroom.

We went back to Duval Street.  This building actually houses three of the many bars on Duval.  The famous Bull, The Whistle Bar and on the top is the Garden of Eden, which I’m told is a nudie bar.

The Bull

After that, we decided to go on home.  We had started the day with a bike ride, big lunch at the Square Grouper, and a stroll around Key West, so we were a little tired.


When we got home, I noticed I had no water pressure at the kitchen sink.  Al checked and found the problem was only at the kitchen, so he decided to check the filters in the kitchen faucet to see if something was clogged.  We have a single handle Moen, with a pull out sprayer.   He started taking it apart and then the hose fell down into the handle and the end got caught.  Long story short, we ended up having to dismantle the entire damn thing to retrieve the hose, and there were a lot of pieces.

When we bought our Monaco, the salesman told us about a special feature it had where you can turn off the water to each area of the motor home and not to the entire coach.  He made it sound like not all rv’s have this option and that it is a good thing.

We found out last night how good of a thing it actually is.  Al was able to turn off only the water for the kitchen sink and ice-maker, so we still had water for the rest of the house.

It took us a good while to get it all put back together, but by this time we were pretty tired, so we decided NOT to turn the water back on last night.  JUST IN CASE!   We were too tired to deal with any more issues and we had the fear we might have a flood.  I know, no confidence in our repairs.  :)

It was nice that we still had a working toilet and water to the rest of the coach.


It’s still windy today, so boating is out.  We plan to stay here and maybe try out the pool and hot tub.  It’s time for a little cleaning too.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014



Cudjoe Key, Florida  (high 79, low 67)


Notice our predicted temperatures for today and tonight?  It’s about 10 degrees cooler than it was yesterday.

We had another cold front move through late yesterday afternoon bringing some gusty winds and a fair amount or rain.  As soon as it arrived, the temperature started dropping and it feels wonderful this morning to have the windows open and a nice cool breeze.

Yesterday, before the storm, it was hot, muggy and miserable.  It was making me start to think longingly  of the cooler temps in the Georgia mountains.

Our mission yesterday was to get Al a bike.  Since we’re not going to be here too much longer, we want one ASAP.  Tim may have one in a week or so, but we’re not sure, so we continued to look on Craig's List.

We found one that was located in Key West, so we were back in Key West for the second day in a row.

We love Key West, but it can be exhausting getting around.  Parking is difficult, navigating the narrow one way streets in the downtown area with all the pedestrians, bikers and scooters is very stressful.   We will NEVER ride our bikes there, although many do.

The main road around KW is Roosevelt.  They have been widening the road on North  Roosevelt for well over a year.  It’s finally getting better and I think it will be a pretty drive once they complete the construction.


Whenever you go to Key West, you are sure to see strange things.

This is just one of the unusual sights we saw yesterday.   I don’t know what the sign means.  There are a lot of chickens running around KW.  They are described as:

“The feral fowl that frequent the streets and alleys of Key West seem like the perfect metaphor for Key West -– historic, colorful, sort of wild, a little noisy and occasionally annoying.”


People either love them or hate them.  We like them.

They can be trapped, and  relocated to organic farms in central Florida where they are prized for their eggs and ability to eat bugs. 

Maybe the guy in this car was a trapper?


We really wanted to find a Trek bike for Al.  My bike is so nice, we would love to find something similar.

We went to a few bike rental shops but none had any used bikes for sale.

We ended up buying Al the cheap Huffy bike we found on Craig's List.  It’s actually a woman's bike, but the owner decided to get a scooter instead and was selling it after only 2 weeks.  We priced the same bike at K-mart for $99, but we got a deal for only $40.  We decided to buy it so that Al will have something to ride for now, and then we’ll sell it if and when we find something better. 

Here is Al’s new girly bike.  My bike is much nicer, but this will work for now.


We rode around KW for a while and saw a few more interesting things.

In KW, everyone brags that they are the “southernmost”  something.  Hotel, bar, bike shop, whatever.

I thought this one was kind of unusual.


Since getting around in KW is so difficult, many people ride bikes, scooters or golf carts.

Check out these cute golf carts.


Like I said, you always find interesting things to see there.  We decided since it’s going to be very windy today, that it might be a good day to go explore KW a little more.  There is so much to see and we’ve only made a small dent in the things we want to see.   It should be nice and cool, so that’s the plan for today.


We’re going to go for a bike ride now.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

New Geezer Bike


Cudjoe Key, Florida  (high 85, low 71)


Rain and thunderstorms are predicted today, so it looks like another day landlocked.

A few days ago when we heard about the earthquake in Chile, my first thought was to wonder if they might have a tsunami.  My second thought was to wonder what would happen to us if a tsunami should hit the Keys.  It could get interesting, since we’re all of about 3 inches above sea level.   Well, that may be a little bit of an exaggeration.  I just looked it up on my phone app “My altitude”.  We are officially at one foot above sea level.   We wouldn’t do well during a tsunami, would we?


Since it was too windy for boating yesterday, our goal  was to find Al and I a nice used bike.  We want something that is comfy for riding around the park.  You know, a good geezer bike.  Big cushy seat, nice curved handlebars.

We looked on Craigslist and found one for me.   The guy selling it was your typical Key Wester.  He looked like a hippy from the 60’s.  He was a real nice guy and was selling the bike for a friend who had a family emergency and had to leave the Keys.  He fixed up her bike for her before she found out she wouldn’t be able to come back.

As it turned out, he (Tim) was a cat lover too and had three beautiful Jungle Curl cats.  I had never heard of them before, but they were beautiful and sweet cats.

This is a picture I found on the internet.  Notice the ears and stubby tail?  This is similar to one if his cats.  The others had long tails.


We decided to buy the bike he had for sale.  He had experience working in bike shops and had fixed the bike up, to include a snazzy new paint job.

Pretty cool huh?


It’s a Trek brand.  Notice it’s a Key West Cruiser?   I don’t know if it is actually the type of bike or he just thought it sounded good, but its pretty appropriate, huh?   Tim completely re-did the bike, with new tires, seat, handlebar pads, basket, paint, and lights so that it’s street legal.  He re-painted it to look “Key Westy”.  No gears to mess up and it’s all aluminum so it shouldn’t rust, which is a good thing here near the saltwater.

I took it for a ride this morning and it rides so nice.  I guess he was right when he said it was a nice quality bike.  I love it.

We didn’t find a bike for Al yet.  Of course we could go to one of the many, many bike shops in Key West and buy a brand new one, but we’re looking for a nice used/cheap one.  Tim is going to help us find something.

We sat outside last night for happy hour.

I managed to get a picture of the campsite at night.


I guess the red lights made the white table appear to be pink.


Sunday, April 06, 2014

Fishing in the Lower Keys


Cudjoe Key Florida-Venture Out Resort (high 83, low 76)


The thing about living on an island is you are always affected by the sea breezes.

The photo below is of the lower Keys.  The red push pin is where we are located.  You can see how shallow the water is. The dark blue is deep water.

Map picture


Yesterday, for the first time in a while, the winds laid down and we were able to get out in the boat.  Yay!

Our marina at Sunshine Key (where we were previously staying) was wonderful.   It’s in a secluded cove on the bay side of the island, so that it’s protected from currents and winds.  It was so easy to launch your boat there with the long rubber coated floating docks.  I miss it.

Here at Venture Out, the Marina is on the Atlantic side, and while it is somewhat protected, it is still very much affected by wind and currents. 

Venture Out

On top of that, the docks are short and are made of concrete, instead of the floating rubber docks at Sunshine Key.  If you come in too hard, you might just hit concrete.  The ramps are steeper, but the water drop off is shallower.  You can’t get your trailer into the water as much on a lower tide, unless you submerge the rear wheels of your vehicle.

So….  I wasn’t looking forward to launching the boat.  I was spoiled by Sunshine Key’s wonderful boat launch.

Al backed the trailer in, and sure enough we didn’t have enough water to easily float the boat off the trailer.  It’s okay to put your rear truck tires into the water when you’re launching the boat, but you don’t want to have to do that when you’re loading it back up.

Fortunately, we came back in at high tide and had no trouble.  It might be different at low tide.

I was a little bummed about the marina.

Then as we headed out, I was also a little bummed by the shallow waterways and cloudy water.

The waters down here in the Cudjoe Key area, appear to be a lot shallower than it at Sunshine Key.  You really have to watch the channel markers or you’ll end up grounded.

There is no really close place to go and sit and be out of the wind.

For those of you that have never done any boating, the buoy markers direct you to open waters through the channels.  The buoys are numbered and either red or green in color.  The buoys show up on navigational charts as well as Marine GPS systems.

When you’re going out/offshore, you stay between the red and green buoys, making sure the green ones are to your right.

Coming back in, red is to your right.  (red, right, returning)

If you stay between the red and green markers you will be in deep enough water.  Of course if you’re in an inter-coastal waterway, all bets are off because you have to figure which way they consider to be returning.


Venture Out

The waters around Venture Out are very shallow and you really have to watch the channel markers.  Sometimes, they aren’t very close, so you have to really look ahead to find them.

Fortunately, nowadays, with the newest technology, your GPS shows you a nice map of the waters, which includes all the buoy markers, small islands, submerged items, as well as the depth.


You can zoom in or out and the GPS shows you where you are, as well as your previous tracks if you like.  Showing previous tracks helped us yesterday when we were coming back in.  We knew if we followed our tracks back, we would have enough water and not hit anything.  It is very shallow around here.

The different water depths are color coded. White is good, brown or green is not!

After we launched the boat, we had to make a choice.  Atlantic ocean or backwaters? The backwater as it’s known here, is basically an extension of the Gulf of Mexico, but is called Florida Bay.  It’s the north side of the islands.  The Atlantic is on the south side.

map of florida keys   Yahoo Search Results

You wouldn’t think Atlantic waters would be much different from the bay or backwater would you?

The differences really show up down here in Cudjoe Key.


We decided we would go out into the Atlantic side and maybe head to Looe Key Marine Sanctuary.  We put the number in our GPS and determined it was 5.6 miles offshore.  We negotiated our way through the many channel markers out to the open water.  It started getting choppy, so we decided on Plan B, and headed to the calmer backwaters.

It was nice and calm there, but the water wasn’t particularly clear. i wasn’t loving it.  We went under the bridge and then followed along the broken coast line.  We saw a lot of other boats heading out and figured they knew something we didn’t know.   I didn’t take any pictures because I was so busy helping to make sure we didn’t get grounded in the very shallow waters.

We finally got into 19-20 feet of water and saw a few fish showing up on our fish finder.  Al decided to give his new fishing rod and reel a try.

It worked well and he caught a bunch of fish.  We lost count, maybe a dozen.

Here is a small grouper.  It was too small and not in season, so it went back in.

Fishing by Venture Out

He caught several snappers. The white thing in it’s  mouth is the squid he used for bait.

Fishing by Venture Out

They were all small so they all went back in.  He small hooks so they can easily be released.

Fishing by Venture Out

We had fun.  I don’t fish, but I like to watch him fish, so it’s fun for me too.   

It ended up being a good day, even though I was initially not thrilled with the waters around this area.


Al stayed up late watching basketball, so he slept in. 

I was up at really dark- thirty as usual.

We didn’t get down to the marina for sunrise, but found we have a pretty nice one right here at our campsite.





Not sure what today will bring. Stay tuned.