Saturday, February 27, 2010

RV Remodel Completed

Our carpet removal in the RV and replacement with Allure Vinyl flooring took us nearly a month, but we are finally finished!

Ok, I admit it.  We are slow!  We started February 3rd and finished it today.

Most of the work was done either on our knees or sitting on the floor.  That  kills your knees and back and is very tiring.  I guess we’re out of shape.

We would have been finished a lot sooner if I hadn’t chosen the tile look, verses the wood look.  There was a lot more cutting and matching up “grout lines.”

We replaced all the carpet in the motor home, except a small piece underneath the gas and brake pedals, and a square that cover the base of the driver and passenger chairs.  There’s not much else you can do with that because the base is not flat and has large bolts on it.  Of course we left the carpet on the doghouse.


We also replaced the carpet on the backs and sides of the inside step area.   We used pewter color metal thresholds to frame up the top of the steps. There were some issues there due to big screw heads sticking up which caused a few problems.
We bought new black colored stair treads that we got from Brad and Hall RV Furniture.  They were about half the price of the other ones I found, but after getting them, we found they were made of  a lot thinner material than the original we had on the MH.  It’s okay though, they look nice now and if they wear out, we can replace them.

Our new recliners fit nicely, although we have to pull them away from the wall a little to recline.  The comfort factor is worth the little bit of extra room they take up. They recline, swivel and rotate, and are very comfortable.


We used brown rit dye to color the carpet area on the doghouse. The old carpet was faded so we used dark brown dye and it made a big improvement. If it ever gets faded by the sun, I’ll do it again.  I used the black rubber weather sealing strips around the doghouse to cover the gaps in the flooring.  It was easy to put down and I think the black looks very nice.  It doesn’t really show up well in these pictures but it looks nice in person.

We have two levels in the bathroom. The one where the toilet it is curvy and very small.  I needed to remove the toilet to do it right, but found out I would need to replace the seal afterwards.  Since I didn’t know where to find a new seal and by that time, I was losing my enthusiasm for the project :)  I just re did the bottom floor and I’m happy with the look.  I used the brown rubber strips for trim.  It’s easy and looks good.P1010030
I also used the rubber trim around the shower stall area. We used quarter round or the rubber strips, depending on the area.  Some areas didn’t lend them selves to quarter round.
The bedroom area looks so much cleaner with the flooring all the same.  Before we had carpet in the bedroom and vinyl in the shower/bath/kitchen area and then carpet in the living area. 


We are very glad we did this job, but it was a lot of work.  We’re very glad it’s done.
Our next RV remodeling project will be to mount our new LCD television, but not for a week or so, at least.

I came across some photos of the rv when we first bought it.  Quite a change huh?

Al just said, “I wish we had the TV done.”  I can see another project starting!


    It sure turned out GREAT!
    Congratulations on a job well done

  2. that looks fantastic,
    that rubber weather strip as a molding was inspired, do you have a pt# for it ? i can't seem to find it at our HD store,
    those recliners sure look comfortable, congrats on a fantastic job

  3. GREAT JOB~~~

    Karen and Steve

  4. George, I don't see a part number on the rubber weatherseal, but I could almost guarantee HD has it. It's just very hard to find and asking someone won't help. They have it at Lowe's also. Sometimes I couldn't find brown, but they have it. I'll send you the picture of the box if you want. Are you also remodeling your RV?

  5. Excellent! It looks wonderful and it must be a proud feeling to have accomplished this difficult project. The TV project should be a snap compared to the floor project.

    I agree, recliners do take up extra space but are well worth it. Our recliner is definitely a space hog, but we wouldn't be comfortable without it.

  6. Slow and steady works best every time. It looks great. We would love to see it in person some time.

  7. John & Joan,
    Thanks for the compliment. We worked hard on it and are pleased.

    You're not far from us so just come on up and see us sometime during your travels!

    We could find a place for you to park!

  8. Karen & Al: We have had the Allure in for 4 years now and just started fulltiming. You'll be glad to know the stuff has held up great and looks as good as the day I installed it. You're right about the knees, I didn't walk right for about a week. Great job! Good luck on your fulltiming adventure!

  9. What a smart decision to replace your carpet floor with this lovely vinyl flooring. I think this is much better than the carpet, particularly for high-traffic areas in your RV. You’ve given your RV the feel of a real home with this new flooring material. I totally love it. I’m thinking of replacing ours too.

  10. It looks great, we are in the process of remodeling our '89 RV from mauve to browns, I love how you dyed the dog box with RIT, how did you do that without taking the carpet off?

    1. Annetta

      I hope you go back and find this commend. I couldn't find a link to contact you directly.

      I mixed some rit dye in a pistil grip sprayer, put on rubber gloves, sprayed the carpet and rubbed it in. I found it faded some from the sun, but I just re-did it when that happened.

  11. Hello,
    Wow it is amazing the difference a little bit of work can do, we have an '89 motorhome that we got and would like to remodel it and I was wondering what to do with the dog box in the front of the camper, I love the idea that you did by dying it, just wondering how you were able to do that without taking the carpet off.

  12. It looks great, we are in the process of remodeling our '89 RV from mauve to browns, I love how you dyed the dog box with RIT, how did you do that without taking the carpet off?

  13. Looks so nice with that floor.

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