Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Allure Flooring Continued..

There is a lot of little piddly things that have to be done to complete the flooring installation.  The main part is done but I still need to do the bathroom, the stairwell, and under the dinette.

Today, I decided to do something easy, so I worked on the area under the dinette.  It’s not hard, but I had to match up the “tiles.”  I got it done but was unable to use any of the scrap pieces I have left. 

This is a before picture


And this is the after.  Note the perfect match on the tile?


The carpeted area you see on the front will be covered up with trim.

The next area I worked on was the bathroom. It’s a small area where just the toilet it.  It’s 2 levels and the old white vinyl is on the side.  So in order to do it right, I need to install Allure on both levels and the side! 

Here is a before picture:


The next picture shows the bottom level done, except for the trim. It looks so much better!

P1010013 We will need to remove the toilet in order to do the upper section. I haven’t a clue how to remove a RV toilet.  I have been doing some research on that and I guess I will wait until Al gets back in town.  That sounds like his kind of job.

As far as the side part that also has the old vinyl, I don’t know what to do about it. I may just try the easy way and paint or wallpaper it?? 

The next project will be the steps, but I probably will need to order some new step treads to replace the old ones that are stained.  More expenses!

Tomorrow I may work some more on the dye job on the doghouse and front carpeted areas.  We have just sat the captains chairs on their bases and they are not bolted down, so I can easily move them out of the way.

We’re getting there!  Our new recliners should be in around mid March.  If we get this done and get some nice weather, we may just have to plan a short camping trip.  The only problem is the coach is winterized and I hate to de-winterize it too early.  Also we are out of propane.  We used a lot of propane keeping the coach warm while we were installing the flooring.  Another expense!


  1. Under the dinette table looks perfect! Nice job! You're getting there - not too much more. Every time I look at the photos I really think it looks so nice and such a nice color.

    Do you "hire out"? I think I want to replace the bedroom carpet with tile! I just hate carpet.

  2. Thanks Margie. I'll be so glad when we get this finished!

    "Do we hire out?" Believe me, you don't have enough money!!

    Seriously though, our bedroom was the easy part, so maybe you could talk Roger into it!

    Gotta try to figure out how to do the steps today...still haven't quite decided on the best way.

  3. When I was reading this post last night, Roger looked over my shoulder as he walked by and said "Are they still working on that floor?" Guess he didn't realize you have more length that he did, ha ha.

  4. Tell Roger to be nice or we're going to invite him over :)

  5. Your floor looks great! I like the Allure you picked out. Man, I can only imagine the hard work and woman-hours you have put into it. Now wonder they charge an arm and leg for installing the stuff. Great Job, Karen.


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