Thursday, February 18, 2010

No Flooring Work Today

I went up to the RV this morning with the intention of making a template for the upper level of the bathroom floor. Even making a paper template is difficult in this small area.  First, it is very small, second, the toilet is there and has a water valve and curves in the back that I can’t even see, so everything is done by touch alone.  I decided the toilet will have to be removed and I am not about to tackle that job without Al being here…to clean up my mess :) and to remove and replace the toilet.  Also it seems once you move the toilet you need to replace the seal, just like on a home toilet.  Since we don’t have the seal and the RV is winterized, I think it is a job best left for Mr. Al.
I decided to just piddle around with my blogs today and I have found a few sites that I think are helpful in writing a blog.  This first one was a tip from my friend Margie, who writes this interesting blog.
Our Life and RV Adventures
She had written a post about Windows Live Writer being easier than Blogger to write your blog.  Also, if you have no internet you can write your post there, then upload it to blogger  whenever you get internet again.  I have been using it most of the time.  I have had some issues lately with my links not working though…I guess I need to check that before I continue!
Okay, those seemed to work, so I will continue.
Windows Live Writer also  makes it easier to post your photos and resize them.
This is another site I have been exploring,  which  helps you to 
Spice Up Your Blog
They give you step by step instructions on how to add gadgets  and they even show pictures.  I think it is much more helpful than Bloggers help menu’s.  I never can figure out what Blogger is trying to tell me. I haven’t really done much with Spice up Your Blog yet,, but have recently been looking at a few of their gadgets.  They seem pretty easy.

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