Monday, February 01, 2010

How Will Everything Fit?

If we want to become full-timers, then we are going to have to figure out how we can possibly fit everything we have into one small RV.

The furniture, tools, lawn equipment, china, silver, crystal, knick-knacks, are one thing, but how do you get rid of all the little bitty things?  We worked today on my office.  What about all the extra cords, chargers, and cables?  What the heck are they all for?  I hate to toss some of these things and find out later they belong to one of the video cameras, or something else we still have.  When you buy a GPS, camera, printer, dvd player or anything like that you usually end up with extra cables they provide for different hook ups.  So now, I’m afraid to get rid of all of that. 

How are we going to find room for the 2 video cameras, 2 digital cameras, underwater housing for both, computer, printer/scanner, scuba gear and other necessities?

What about the huge pictures the guys in the Air Force photo lab printed of my Dad?  What about the pictures of the first moon landing?  My dad was in charge of the Photo Lab in the Air Force, back in the day before satellites made photographs obsolete.  He has pictures that were taken on the moon, and printed at his lab. I can’t toss THEM, can I?

What about the letter from the White House when Al’s dad died?  What about his monogrammed cigarette lighter, dog tags, medals? 

We have put a few things on EBay and Craig's list.  We sold an old TV yesterday.  I’m still trying to sell my treadmill (aka clothes rack.)

I Craig listed some hand carved nesting tables that came from Taiwan.  I got a message from a lady who wanted to buy them right away for the $80 I requested.  Ok, did I list them too cheaply?  Don’t want to give them away. It’s almost better to get no responses and then come down in your prices…just so you know you’re not selling them too cheaply!

I think what we need is a camping trip to remind us how much we love being in the RV and maybe that will motivate us!

I guess we made some progress today, but we had to stop because it’s happy hour!


  1. I feel your pain. Here's some ideas - if you are ready to part with it, see if a family member wants it, if not, is it something that needs to be donated to a museum? Or ask trusted friends or family if they can store 1 or 2 boxes of your treasures for you. I found friends/family willing to do that - if it was just a few small boxes.

    Some items I thought I could sort through at a later time and at least narrow it down. For the first few months the back end of my Honda held plastic tubs of "stuff". Eventually I would bring one tub into the MH and figure out what to do with all of it (toss, keep, store with family).

    In reality, I have found I kept a few too many things that I thought I just had to bring with me (couple of special crystal items). Now I find them to be more of a "space" burden - nice when we are "parked", but a hassle when we are traveling frequently - more to pack and store.

  2. One thing I started to do several years ago was to put a white label (address type, folded in half) on every cord/cable identifying what it was used for. Examples: Sony Camera to TV. Garmin GPS to Laptop Computer.

    My DIL made fun of me for doing that. However, when she moved she had cables and cords all messed up, and still can't find some of them etc.

    When we downsize and started selling electronic items or giving them away, I had each associated cable/cords already labeled and then I just put them in a Zip-Lock bag that was identified by the item "Sony Camera".

    The electronic items I kept has it's own Zip-Lock bag that is kept in one plastic container. I don't always use my Zune player, but when I do I just pull out the Zune Zip-Lock bag and everything is there - cables/charger/ear phones, manual, etc.

    Am I overly organized with my electronics? Maybe, but it works for me. Now, if I could just remember where I left my glasses - oh yeah, there they are on the top of my head.

  3. Take digital pictures of you dad's lab pic's. Maybe even pay a photo guy to make the repoductions. That way you will always have the choice to do a slideshow and enjoy. Good luck with your sale. Never Never pass up a sale because you MIGHT get more money. Let it go and live free. Marie

  4. Marie..

    I like your idea..let it go and live free! I will keep that in mind.

  5. This might sound dumb..but if those pictures are something you want to look at all the time..there are companies out there that will transfer the picture to a afaghan or a quilt for you. This one lady we know took all her favorite paintings..took personal pictures of them..sold the paintings and had the pictures made into a beautiful quilt!! It is gorgeous.

    Just a thought.

    Cindy from Tx


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