Tuesday, February 09, 2010

RV remodel continues

We have the new flooring installed in the bedroom, bath area, hall and kitchen!
Today we have to finally make the decision on how to handle the living room slide.  We have carpet under half of the slide, and the old vinyl flooring on the other half.  The slide does not sit on the vinyl part at all, but sits quite heavily on the carpeted area.  We don’t think we can remove the carpet from under the slide and if we cut it, it will bunch up when the slide goes in and out.  We have about decided to cut it right up to the slide, then staple it down there and put some glue on the edges to keep it from raveling.  That way, the slide can still slide on the carpet until it gets to the new flooring area.  We will have to see if we will need to put something down on the new flooring when bring the slide in and out, to prevent any rubbing on it. We won’t know that until we get it.
We went to Lowes yesterday and got some trim pieces. They are light weight and actually appear to be made out of some kind of styrofoam.  They look just like real wood, but are light weight.  In a RV, you need to save weight any way you can!  I was completely exhausted yesterday and all my muscles were sore!  It was partly due to the fact that I got up at 4am to try to see the shuttle launch, and partly because this is hard work and it’s kicking my butt!  So yesterday was not real productive, but I did manage to finish the last 2 rows in the kitchen.
Today, it’s raining and then we’re supposed to have a cold front.  I guess we’ll be able to work okay since what we’ll be doing today doesn’t involve going in and out much.


  1. For the carpet under the slide. You can get a transition strip from Lowes or Home Depot. It's shaped like an inverted T and screws to the floor, the carpet comes up to the one side and the vinyl or other type of flooring comes up to the opposite side the a cover about an inch wide snaps over the top and is pushed down tight against the two surfaces. Yours looks great and prevents the carpet from getting caught, we did ours 5 yrs ago and have had no problems.

  2. Sounds like you are making slow and steady progress. Can't give any advice about the slide issue since Ms"B"Haven didn't have a slide. On our Phaeton we sometimes need to put a throw rug on top of the ceramic tile in front of the couch/slide because we can hear a "tap, tap, tap" of the roller taping the tile.

    Don't forget photos - I'm noisy.

  3. Thanks PalmsRV (Cathy?) for the suggestion on the t-molding. I know exactly what you are talking about. We even have a short piece left over from the house laminate install. We're heading to RV now and will check it out. I'm concerned it will be too high. We'll soon see.

    Margie..more pic's coming. We should be able to get all the way up to right behind the captains chairs...so will send some today!

    slow and steady...slow and steady....


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