Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Working on the motor home

We spent the day working on the flooring in the motorhome again.

I think I'm getting tired because I laid down just 3 rows of flooring and was wiped out. My neck hurt, I had a headache and most of my muscles were sore! I could sure use a vacation. It's also getting harder to figure out where to cut the strips so they align up!

Al's going back to Tampa next week to work his pest control business. He's looking forward to the rest :)

We have all the flooring laid up to about 3 feet behind the captains chairs. We finally figures out how to remove them today. We felt real good about that. With them gone, we will be able to do the flooring around them a lot more easily. We haven't figured out exactly what to do about the "doghouse) The carpet is glued onto it, and it's not flat enough to be able to put the Allure strips on it. I have read where someone used rit dye and just dyed the color. I thought that might be an option until we can figure something else out. A body shop may be able to come up with something. I'm not too worried about it, we can do it anytime.

We're haven't exactly decided how to handle some of the trim, like on the steps and in front of the slide, but once we get the rest of the floor laid, we'll work on those areas one step at a time. We'll figure it out.

Margie, I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow. The place is such a mess, you wouldn't hardly even see the floor!


  1. Sounds like you both need a rest. You have really accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. It is really difficult work. Well, at least that is what Roger told me - he did all of ours by himself.

  2. It is difficult. It doesn't seem like it should be so physically exhausting, but I guess our ages aren't helping!

    We do need a rest but want to get to a stopping point. Al will be doing most of the physical work today. He has to get the carpet out from around the captains chairs and on that area the pad is glued down. I think I will do some straightening and try to post a picture!


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