Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Recliners Are In!

Well, they will be on Tuesday.  I just got a call from the saleswoman at Haverty’s and she said the recliners will be at the store on Tuesday, ready for pick up.
Perfect timing!  The flooring is mostly down and the chairs will have a place to live!
We had seatbelts underneath the old couch and had thought we would reinstall the seatbelts so that we could use them to strap down the recliners when we’re traveling.  However, I am having second thoughts.  I hate to drill holes in my pretty new flooring and I hate to have the seat belt straps show.  They were hidden by the couch, but they will not be as easily hidden by the chairs.  Now I just need to figure a good way to anchor the chairs when we travel. 


  1. Yippee! The recliners will look so nice on your new floor. I don't think I'd use the seat belts because of dirt (cat hair?) collecting around them. Maybe the recliners will be heavy enough to not move? In our current MH we wedge the recliner between the couch and dinette. In our previous MH the recliner just sat in it's normal position without being bolted down and it was never a problem.

  2. Margie, I think you are right. They will just be dust/dirt/hair magnets and will show under the chairs.

    When the slide is in for traveling there isn't really too much room for them to move. The main problem would be if we were to have an accident or near accident. I think we'll figure out something.


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