Monday, February 15, 2010

Craig’s List and E-Bay

Along with installing the new flooring in the motor home, we have been putting a few things out for sale.  I just sold some hand carved nesting tables that Al’s Mom had bought in Taiwan some 40 years ago.  They were a larger item,  so I listed them on Craig’s List.  We also made a sale on E-Bay  of some hand carved Meerschaum Pipes that Al’s Dad got from Turkey or somewhere. Oh, and I think we sold a set of tires Al took off his truck when they started making noise. The tire guy said it was something to do with the tires, so we bought new ones to be on the safe side.  The new tires don’t make that noise, so I guess he was right.  We explained the issue we had with the tire, but some people just want tires…  Wish we hadn’t let the tire dealer keep the old motor home tires!  They were out of date but had excellent tread. We just replaced them to be on the safe side.
I guess I’ll work on getting some prices for the crystal, china and silver.  E-bay is good for getting an idea on how to price things.

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