Friday, February 12, 2010

Allure Flooring Installation on Hold

It's raining pretty hard and we found a leak in the seal around the living room slide.  We brought the slide in....and it went right over the Allure flooring with no apparent problems.

I will not be able to work on the project any while it is raining and can't even take any pictures that may be of help to anyone else until I can get the slide back out.

So today looks like a R & R day....except of course for the housework that I have been neglecting while we were working on the RV.


  1. It's looking great, glad to hear that the slide worked out OK. We first did our with the pergo (sp)flooring which is about three times thicker and the slide left some marks on it. Re-did the bath and kitchen two years ago with the allure and love it, going to re-do the living area with allure this summer, was going to use the wood but after seeing your tiles we might change our minds.
    Jim & Cathy Palm

  2. Thanks Cathy,
    I like the tile too. I thought it might be too dark and make the RV look dark, but I don't think it did.

    The tile is much more difficult to lay than the wood planks though, because you have to match the grout lines! I would have had it finished long ago if I had used the wood look.


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