Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Checking Ebay Again

We’re going through more STUFF again today.

We have 2 boxes of beautiful colored crystal stemware that I have absolutely no idea what it is worth.  It belonged to Al’s Mother and I always loved them.

I’m trying to find something comparable on Ebay to know where to start…but could not find much very similar.

P1010087 (2)

I would think they would be worth something….but how much I am not sure.  Anyway I got them out of the box, washed up and put in the TV cabinet until we can figure something out.

Enough sorting for now…We’re going to head up to the motor home and see what the slide mechanism looks like under the bed.  Maybe we will work up the nerve to start removing carpet…..??

Ideally, I would like to have the flooring done by the time the new recliners arrive in about 6 weeks.

This is a photo from the store of our new recliner. Ours is a darker color.  It’s just your run of the mill recliner, only smaller and will fit (we hope.)



  1. That's a nice looking recliner. I'm sure you are anxious to see how they will look in your RV.

  2. That glassware is so pretty. Those are the kind of items that you like, hate to part with, but something you can't really take in the RV and then you have no idea how to price them. As I follow your blog and downsizing posts, I'm so thankful all of that is behind me - you will make it too one of these days.


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