Saturday, February 06, 2010

Allure Flooring Install

We finally decided on the flooring color we wanted.  We went with the tile look Sierra color.  The hard vinyl planks look like stone.  They stick to each other and the floor floats.  We have been working  the past few days and have made some progress.
We spent a few hours working on the motor home flooring replacement.  It’s very slow going because there are so many cuts and obstacles.  Al is removing carpet and staples, and I am laying the flooring.  I finished laying it in the bedroom and he’s working on the living room.
The problem is at our ages, we seem to get tired and sore very fast.  We’re in no hurry, so we’ll take our time, do it right and not kill ourselves.
Margie, here is a picture of the bedroom. How do you like the color?


  1. How about a photo of one of the Allure pieces?

  2. Thanks for posting the photo. I think the new "tile" looks terrific. That color is really very nice - I don't believe they had that color when we bought ours. Keep up the good work - slow and steady will win the race


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