Thursday, February 11, 2010

Took the Day off


Installing the new Allure flooring in the motor home has really worn me out. We need a few days off, but really are anxious to finish.

The plan today was for Al to finish up removing the carpet from under the captains chairs, and I would work on the small piece on top of the slide where the dinette is. Then we would finish the last few straight rows before we got to the area under the captains chairs.

We went up to the RV this morning with good intentions, but shortly decided to go to plan "B", which did NOT include laying any flooring! I was just too exhausted and we needed a few more things for the project anyway, so we decided to make a trip into Tallahassee to get some more roofing paper. We used it to level the floor where the old vinyl ended.

We also wanted to check out Home Depot for some ideas for trim. There are a lot of areas that require something different than normal baseboard or quarter round. We didn't know exactly what we needed, but once we looked around Home Depot we found some nice dark brown rubbery trim that will go around the curve in the shower. We found some larger curved rubber strips that may help trim out the doghouse. We also found a pewter color metal strip that may work as trim on the steps.

We're still trying to decide how to handle the area in front of the slide between the carpet and the allure. We have a few ideas.

Anyway, by the time we ran our errands and got home it was too late to do much. Tomorrow Al has to make a trip back to Tampa, so I might take the opportunity to recuperate and clean the house!

I'll try to post some more pictures of the project tomorrow.


  1. I love it! The color looks great! That sure has been a lot of hard work for both of you, but hopefully you will really enjoy having that floor instead of carpet. Take the day off and just enjoy the snow! Don't even clean the house! You deserve a break.

  2. Thanks Margie. We like it too, but I wish it was done!

    I probably won't do much today, but I do need to do some laundry!


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