Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Selling RV Sofabed

We finally decided to try and sell the RV Flexsteel sofabed that we had in the motorhome.

It is in excellent shape but we had no idea how much to list it for.

I happened to see one for sale on Craig's list for $200 a few weeks ago.  I don't know if it was sold or not.

I took some pictures and listed it on Craig's List,  thinking I wouldn't get much response.  I listed it for $150.  Much to my surprise, I have had four people responding to the ad and wanting the sofa.

Okay, did I under price it?  I really HATE not getting the most money I can out of stuff I sell! 

I listed it for $150, or best offer....does that mean I can raise the price as well as lower it?

Here's the couch, what do you think?  Anybody else sold their RV couch? Should I take the $150 or pull the ad and re list it?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Bed Came Today

Last Wednesday, I ordered the new foam mattress for our RV.  It is an 11 inch foam mattress from Bed in a Box.  We ordered the Pac Bed Plus mattress which is 8 inches of support foam and 3 inches of memory foam.  They have a few other options with down covers on them, but I felt this was the best one for us.  I did order the waterproof cover for $30, as they say water is the enemy of foam mattresses.  No, we don’t wet the bed :)…if that’s what you’re thinking…but when it’s hot sometimes you get sweaty and I didn’t want to damage it.
One thing about foam, is they are hotter than regular mattresses.  The way we have dealt with that on our home mattress is a we have a thick cotton mattress pad for summer, and the regular one for winter when we like the extra warmth. 
Fed Ex brought it around noon today in a smallish box.
Hard to believe there is an 11 inch thick queen size mattress in that box, isn’t it?
We took the box inside the motor home to open it up.  The mattress is vacuum sealed, rolled up, wrapped in a heavy plastic bag, and  cellophane and then inserted in a heavy plastic duffel bag, and then packed in the box.
You are supposed to take off the outer saran wrap and then lay the mattress down where you want it.  The next layer is  a plastic bag that is supposed to keep it compressed until you remove the plastic wrapping.   While trying to get it out of the plastic bag, it started expanding.  I was afraid it would be hard to handle once it expanded, but it wasn’t.  We let it expand while on the bed frame. We just had to move it into the correct position.
 P1010185 P1010187 P1010190
It is supposed to take about 24 hours before it expands fully, but it looks to me like it is there now.
Oh, with the bed we got 2 free “ugly” pillows.  They are chunks of foam and actually are pretty comfortable. Here is what they looked like before they decompressed!
We laid on it a while and both of us agree it is very comfortable. It is every bit as comfy as our house bed, and a lot cheaper.  Of course we haven’t spent the night on it yet, but we did watch a movie on it.  We’ll probably spend the night in the motorhome tomorrow night, and give it a good test!
So far, it’s a thumbs up!
We’re trying to get things done to make the motorhome more livable when we go full time.  It’s definitely getting there in the comfort factor!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Poli Glow

One of the reasons we went to the Tampa RV show last January was so that we could visit the Poli Glow vendor.
We had seen it last year but didn’t buy it. It’s a RV and boat polish for oxidized gel coats. 
We bought a kit. I think it was around $65.
About 2 months ago, I found a day that was warm and dry enough outside to try it out.
I experimented on a small area on the rear of the motorhome, which ended up with a very nice shine.
Previously, we had waxed and waxed and tried numerous brands of wax and polish, but it seemed the surface was porous,  and we ended up with streaking. 
The Poli-Glow seems to be working well.  It has been quite a while and the area I did still has a very nice shine.
We had been waiting for the time and a nice warm day to do the entire RV, and it looks like this week may provide the opportunity.  (Al is trying to stall, but I think he is about out of excuses :)
The vendor at the RV show said it was okay to put on the decals, but I’m a little concerned about doing that.  Our decals look good and are not peeling off, like so many others we have seen.
We’ve been told not to use any products with petroleum in it on the decals or it can cause peeling.  There are not many waxes or polished with no petroleum!
I’ll try to take before and after pictures when we get it done!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Visit from Tampa Friends

Our friends from Tampa,  Rhonda and William stopped by to visit us on their way home from their camping trip.  They made the mistake of planning their trip during spring break and were unable to get their first choice for campgrounds :)  Rhonda and I met years ago when we both first started working at USAA Insurance.

They ended up at Three Rivers State Park in Sneads, Florida, in the panhandle.  They said site number 15 was really a nice site…I’m trying to remember that for future reference:)

They initially had reservations for Ochlockonee River State Park but despite the park rangers assurance their rig would fit, they couldn’t get into the site they reserved, and were given a full refund.

They arrived Friday afternoon and we just spent they day showing them around our property and sitting on the porch bird watching. 



We have a “campsite” set up on our property, complete with water, sewer and 50 amp electric, and that’s where they set up.


Yesterday, we spent the day doing tourist things. 

First we took them into Thomasville to try a “grits cup”.  It’s a southern thing and very good!  You get a cup with grits, eggs, bacon or sausage, and cheese.  It’s all layered and is DELICIOUS! 

After lunch we did a little tour through Thomasville which has a lot of older beautifully restored Victorian houses. 

We showed them, The Big Oak.  President Eisenhower even photographed it when he visited Thomasville years ago.   It’s quite an amazing tree. It’s very hard to get a good picture of it because of it’s size.  Here are William and Rhonda in front of the Big Oak.Image049

After that we headed into Tallahassee via a scenic route.  We wanted to show them the beautiful spring blooms that are just starting to bloom in this area.

These are Flowering Peach trees.



Then we headed to Birdsong Nature Center so they could see the “bird window”.  This is a huge window inside the house that is overlooking a bird feeding and bathing station.  Unfortunately there were no more birds there then what we have at home in our own bird feeding station.

We went on a very short walk outside and saw some Purple Martins.P1010062

and some Towhee’s.




We then headed to  to Maclay Gardens State Park in Tallahassee Florida.  There is no camping there but there is a beautiful garden that is well worth the visit, especially during the spring bloom.  Unfortunately it is a little early for the peak spring bloom, but there was enough blooming to make it worth the trip.

It will be in full bloom in a week or so and we WILL be back!  The Azaleas, Dogwoods and Wisteria will be blooming then and it’s gorgeous!

Here are a few pictures from our visit.


William, Rhonda and Al at the entrance to the gardens.


There are no campground in this state park, but on the way in, we noticed a few 5th wheels parked in a “volunteer” area.  It was a REAL nice are with full hook ups.

When we entered the garden area I asked the gentleman that took our ticket if he was one of the volunteers.  You would have thought I committed a crime!  He asked why I wanted to know and then proceeded to tell  me in no uncertain terms that they were fully booked up for the next 2 years and basically to get in line!  Whew…didn’t see that coming.

Anyway, more pictures.









We went and got a late lunch and they got to try some “Fried Pickles”.  Don’t knock them until you try them, they are very good!

We headed home and did a little bird watching from our front porch.

My first Hummingbird of the season came.


We drank a little wine and Rhonda turned me onto a wine I liked…may have created a monster :) It’s called Paisano

This morning (Sunday) we said good-bye to our friends, as they headed back to Tampa.


Bye Rhonda and William!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stay a While

It was probably 2 years ago when we went to Camping World and bought  a Mr. Heater Stay a While kit.
It is used when camping so that you can hook up an auxiliary propane tank to the motor home. You can use it to hook up a gas grill or light, to your onboard propane tank or if your onboard tank is empty, you can use the propane from an auxiliary tank to supply propane to your motor home.
Anyway, we bought this kit at Camping World , thinking it would come in handy if we got low on propane and didn’t want to have to move the motor home.
Once we got it home, we didn’t really have any use for it and we didn’t know how to hook it up to the motor home.  I finally found the answer on the Rv-Net Forum.  This is one of my very favorite RV sites.  There is so much valuable information there and if you have a question, all you do is ask! 
Al got it hooked up correctly and found that it leaked.  He could not get the leak to stop and finally discovered there was a burr in the metal that was allowing propane to escape.
He called Mr. Heater, which is the manufacturer and they asked that he send them the old kit.  He did that and in about 10 days, we had a brand new kit.  He has not installed it yet, but we’re hoping it won’t leak!
We are learning that sometimes if you have problems getting things to work, or if they break sooner than you think you should, there may be another solution besides throwing the item out.
Two other times lately we have called the manufacturer and were sent new parts to fix the item.
One was a Gilmour Sprayer that Al uses around the yard and house and RV.  He had purchased the unit a few months ago and a part broke.  He was not able to repair it, so called to try to order the new part.  They asked him to take a photo  of the sprayer and damaged part. He emailed it to them, and within just a few days we received the new part…free of charge!  Good customer service!!
So yesterday, he decided to try his luck again.  We had bought three different BB type air guns from our local Wal-Mart.  We use them around here to scare away the hawks and Crows, because they eat our birds.  The 3 guns have all quit working long before they should have. He called Daisy Products and told them of his problem.  He was told there is a seal that goes bad and they would send him a new seal….free of charge!
The point of this post is that if you have a product that malfunctions long before it should, call the company and ask them about it.  You might be pleasantly surprised, like we were!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ordered our Foam Bed

I went on to the Bed in a Box website to show Al the mattresses I had discovered last week. They are made with the new technology memory foam…which means less heat, quicker bounce back, and not as hard as the old style foam mattresses.   Al  noticed that they have a sale which ends today.Since he is not one for missing out on a good sale,  he suggested we go ahead and order the bed :) 
We decided to order the 11 inch thick mattress in the RV queen size.  It comes with 2 free pillows and free shipping. 
We thought about ordering the regular 60 x 80 queen bed, but decided to go with the rv queen size which is 5 inches shorter and $100 cheaper. 
The air mattress we currently use is 80 inches, and hangs a little off the bed frame.  When I bring the slide in, it just squeezes in to fit.  I was concerned the foam wouldn’t like being squeezed in each time we brought the slide in, so we went with the regular rv size.
I had seen something a few years back where someone took a wedge of foam the same thickness as their mattress, and put it between the wall and the mattress.  It gave them a few more inches in length and the wedge was under their head and pillows anyway.  It could be removed when the slide went in.  This might be an option.
Anyway, we made the decision without having tried out the bed.  We normally don’t buy things that need to be comfortable without trying them out.  This place offers a 120 day guarantee.  If you’re not happy with the mattress, they will make arrangements to pick it up and return your money.  Sounds like a good deal.  We’re anxious to get it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Screen Door Latch

Thanks to Karen for her suggestion for a latch for our screen door on the motorhome. She has pictures of this modification on her website, under the modifications. In fact she has LOTS of modifications that we never thought of.
I was concerned the kitties could push the door open and escape.  We had been trying to figure out a good way to secure the door, but we’re not as inventive as Karen.
We went on a search at Lowe’s today for these latches.  I had never seen this type of latch before and didn’t really know what we were looking for, but Al managed to find them.
Al removed a screw already on the screen door and attached these.  They work like a charm.
They are on the inside.  You can open the plastic slider from the outside to open the door if you are outside and want to lock the door.  It did leave a little scratch on the frame, until we made an adjustment.
Thanks works great.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Slide leak fixed?

Yesterday we made an attempt to fix our two leaky slides.  Today, it rained so we got to test our work and so far all looks well.
On the slides by the bottom corners there was an old blob of silicone.  We didn’t know if it was from the factory or by the previous owner, but it was starting to come apart.  In the living room slide, you could see a tiny bit of daylight on the right bottom corner.  We thought when the water runs off the top and sides of the slide, it gets caught behind the black rubber wiper and if the MH is angled just right, allows water to run right into the inside.  We caulked up these corners and so far so good.  Of course it didn’t rain too hard.  It doesn’t take much of an  opening for water to get inside. So far so good.
We picked up a window lock from Lowe’s.  Reader Karen did a modification that she shared on her blog, to her motorhome.  It’s a little lock you can put on your screen door to keep the pets from pushing the door open and escaping.  Our kitties like to sit in the step well, and if they lean on the screen door, it could open.  Anyway, Karen had this suggestion and we were able to find the part this morning.  That will be our next small project.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

De-Winterized the Motorhome Today

We finally decided the weather may be safe to drain the anti-freeze, but we've probably jinxed ourselves!

Anyway, we went ahead and de-winterized it, checked to make sure all is working does.  So I guess we're ready to go camping.  We have friends coming in Friday so we'll probably try to make a trip shortly after that.  The problem is with spring break, and the returning Snowbirds, the Florida State Parks are pretty full.

We also installed a little gutter thing that goes over the front windshield to prevent water streaks on the front windshield.  We purchased this gutter a good three years ago, but just got around to putting it on :)

We have been having some leaking water around both the slides.  We thought the problem was on top of the slide but after looking at it better, we think it's coming from the bottom corner.  Al put some silicone (goober) in these areas, so I guess we'll see what happens.  They don't leak when the slides are in, but we can't keep the slides in all the time.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mail Forwarding

I was reading the blog, Tumbleweed  and they mentioned a mail forwarding service in Florida they use.  When we start fulltiming, we will need to change our residence back to Florida and get a mail forwarding provider.

That got me to thinking about it, so I went to the My Rv Mail website.  What I found interesting is that they scan all your mail so that you can view it online anytime you want.  If it’s something you deem important, they will open it for you and read it to you or scan the document.  That way you can look at the envelope to determine if it’s a fancy piece of junk mail, or something important.  I don’t know if this is something the other mail forwarding providers offer. It probably is…new technology and all. 

I’m not really sure how much actual “good” mail we would be getting though.   We subscribe to a few magazines, like Motorhome Magazine… we can’t miss that!  I don’t know if most fulltimers keep their magazine subscriptions or not?

My Rv Mail’s  Gold service for a year, with setup and initial postage is $217, if you have a Passport America plan.  I haven’t checked any other providers, so I don’t know what the going rate is.

I’m wondering how you go about getting all the junk mail to stop?  I don’t want to have to pay a mail service to forward junk.

I feel pretty certain Florida will be our home base, after all it was home for over 30 years. There is no state tax and vehicle registration is reasonable, even though the cost increased last year. 

This is just another thing we will need to research more.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Search This Blog

I went to Reserve America to see if there were any available campsites at Ochlockonee River State Park for early next week.  Our Tampa friends are going to be there and we thought we might drive down for a few days and camp with them before they come here.

There aren't many sites available.  I have a list of good sites on this blog, but when I try to find the post and put in "Ochlockonee" the search site said nothing was found.  I typed in a few other key words I knew were there and it couldn't find them either. Aggravating!

I don't know what is wrong with that search feature.  I tried to find a different search feature, but wasn't able to find anything else. 

Al gets back from Tampa tomorrow.  The temperature on Saturday is supposed to be 77 degrees and sunny on Saturday.  We may just have to go camping at "Mockingbird Hill Campground".   (our property) 

We have a lot to do before our company comes so we may just drive down to spend a day with them and bring the kayaks.  They have never kayaked and may like to try them out.

We need a camping trip soon's been way too long.

I think we can probably de-winterize soon, however, I am afraid if we do, it will jinx the weather and we'll get a hard freeze!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Roku-Works Like a Charm

Sometimes things are easy and work just like they are supposed to, but rarely! 

I have lost the patience to mess with computer things that don’t work easily. 

A few days ago, I ordered this little gadget so that I could stream live movies directly from Netflix. 

Roku Digital Video Player

A few months ago, during our long cold winter, I decided to try the free trial for Netflix.  We were both sold on it right away.  We pay $8.99 a month (plus tax) and we get one movie at a time and unlimited streaming movies.   I’m amazed how fast of a turn around time they have and you just send the movie back in their postage paid envelope.

Netflix also has tons free movies you can watch instantly from your computer or home tv.  To watch them on your tv you have to hook the pc up to the tv and then connect a few wires.  It has to be started and stopped through the pc.  Not bad but a little of a hassle.

They advertised the “Roku” box  for watching streaming movies, and I thought it might be something like our Tivo (which we love).

Anyway, it came yesterday and I LOVE it!

I was able to set it up in minutes following the onscreen guide and had NO problems at all.  Whew!  I really didn’t feel like having to follow all the computer geekspeak and fight with it.

So, now, all I have to do is hit one button on the Roku remote and I get a guide of all the movies I have selected from Netflix.  It shows a color picture of the actual dvd cover along with a description of the movie and actors. 

You scroll through until you find something you want to watch and hit play.  If you stop watching it, you can come back later to that exact same spot.  Wow!

It’s something I wanted that I know we won’t be able to use when we go on the road.  When we full time, we will be using Verizon aircard which has a monthly limit of 5gb, so that will not allow for streaming of movies.  I figured we could use it for a while, then I’ll sell it on Craig’s list or E-Bay.  After all, I hardly have anything to get rid of :)

Today, I am spending making valances for the kitchen windows.  It’s a cheap way to spiff up the place before we put it on the market.  I am also trying to clean up for company.

We have some friends coming up from Tampa, to visit on the 26th.  They are going camping at Ochlockonee River State Park and will stop by here on the way back for a few days.  We’re going to move the motorhome and let them park on our “campsite.”  We’re looking forward to seeing them.  We’ll have to show them the sites….grits cup. fried pickles, southern buffet…  The spring flowers should  really be starting to pop by the time they get here, and that’s something you don’t get in Tampa.

We may also try to meet them at the park and camp with them a few days…we’ll see.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fulltiming Lifestyle

We have been working on making the motor home more comfortable and livable, for when we go full time.

We replaced the carpet with Allure flooring,  replaced the sofabed with two very comfy recliners, and are now researching mattresses.

Al and I slept on a waterbed for 25 + years and reluctantly gave it up 4-5 years ago.  We had a very nice soft side waterbed that looked just like a regular mattress.  Our old mattress was shot and the company that made them had gone out of business. We couldn’t find another good quality soft sided waterbed, so we reluctantly decided to go with a regular mattress.   We searched and searched and ended up with some expensive piece of crap that I absolutely hated!  After sleeping on the waterbed, we could NOT get used to that mattress. 

We had looked at the foam Temper-pedic brand mattresses, but found them too hard and very  expensive.  Plus the foam left an indention when you laid on it, and when you turned over, it took a while for the indention to fill back up.

We finally ended up with a new mattress with a thick cover pad on it. It felt real comfortable in the store, but I never could get used to it at home.  The mattress was so high that I couldn’t even sit on it to put my shoes on!  That annoyed me to no end!  I do not like those new “stylish” tall mattresses that you need a step stool to get onto.  It annoyed me that my night stand was too short and my lamp was way down low!  I was afraid I was going to get up in the middle of the night, forget I was 9 feet off the ground and fall off the bed and break my leg!  I hated that mattress SO much!  I complained and whined constantly to poor old  Al!   He wasn’t happy with the mattress either, but probably could have adjusted…if only I would stop complaining :) 

They mattress store offered a 30 day comfort guarantee, but what they don’t tell you, is that you can exchange it for another mattress or equal or higher value, but not get your money back.   The only thing is they didn’t have another mattress we wanted.  We ended up being stuck with a very expensive mattress that I hated.  We (I)  decided that a mattress is too important and we had to bite the bullet and take a loss on that thing.  We were able to sell it but of course for way less than we paid for it.  Oh was GONE!!     :)

We ended up with a Therapedic mattress that we have been very happy with.  It’s a foam mattress but a different than the Temper-Pedic.  It’s much softer and doesn’t leave indentations.   It still took a while to get used to due to having a waterbed for so long, but we like it real well now.

The old mattress in the motor home was a typical rv mattress…very uncomfortable.  We topped it with a 4 inch piece of memory foam and it served us well for a while.

On one camping trip, it started to feel hard and when we came home, we Craig’s listed it and put our air mattress in the Rv.  We put the foam topper on it and it’s pretty comfortable.

The main problem with the air mattress, is it  loses air regularly.

We had been thinking about getting one of those sleep number beds (when we go full time) but I had done some research and found a company in Tennessee that has what seems to be a pretty good product.

It’s a type of memory foam but not like the old Temper-pedic products that were too firm and left the indentation.  It’s an American company and the beds are made in America!  That’s a good thing!

Anyway, I did a little surfing on their website and think this may be our best bet.  It’s a 9 inch thick foam mattress for $499. It is supposed to be the new and improved memory type foam and won’t leave an indention.  Will have to check it out further.
Bed In a Box

We’re not ready to replace the mattress yet, but I’m keeping this as a “favorite” and I’ll keep looking.

more research….

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Propane Heater for RV’s

A lot of people use portable propane heaters for their rv’s. They are nice for boondocking and saving propane from your main tank.  We had looked at them but never bought one because we weren’t positive we would need one, they take up space, and they are expensive.

Last week we noticed Walmart had them on sale for $80, regular price $120.  This is the model: Mr. Heater  propane heater.

They had several left so we decided to check back later to see if they marked them down more.  We figured no one would be buying them this time of year since the weather has warmed up.

We went back to Walmart yesterday looking to see if they were cheaper and guess what?  They were sold out!   Al reminded me, that the hunters in the area (and there are a LOT of them) would probably snap them up.  Oh well.  I wasn’t really sure we needed one.  They take up valuable space.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Work Camping

We got a call yesterday from the ranger at Grayton Beach State Park with an offer to work camp there for the summer.

Map picture

I have heard it is a great park.  It’s located  on the Panhandle of Florida, about 175 miles southwest of us.  It appears the park is right on the beach, but I don’t think the  campsites are beachfront.

That is okay with us anyway.  We prefer wooded campsites.  Some campsites do sit on the lake. They recently upgraded the campground and added 24 new sites with sewer hookups!

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept this offer.  Sure wish we could!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welome new "Followers"

I see a couple of new "followers" and I just wanted to say welcome and thank you for your interest in our blog.

I am interested in seeing where everyone is located and learning about them, so your comments will be appreciated!

If anyone has any questions about any of the campgrounds we have been to, or places we have kayaked, please feel free to ask. I have a lot of posts on different campground locations, especially in Florida, but frequently the "search" link doesn't work properly.  It's a Blogger issue, I guess.

Rv Maintenance

Yesterday, Al resealed 2 windows on the motorhome.  They had a bead of caulk around the upper portion of the window frame, and it had become cracked. When we did the new flooring, I noticed a couple spots by the window that I saw evidence of some water intrusion.

We went out at 5 pm and worked on 2 windows we were concerned about.  The caulk we used is supposed to dry/cure for 3 hours and rain was on the way.    Fortunately the rain held off the required 3 hours.

We are learning from reading the Rv-Net Forum, that there are many of these kinds of maintenance  things that need to be done on a regular basis.  A few months ago, we put  Eternabond tape around all the openings on the roof of the MH.  We kept getting leaks around the fan opening and the skylight.  Al kept caulking them, but the caulk would crack from the heat/cold/sun, and we would get a leak.  We found out about Eternabond  from the forum and it has worked very well.  I felt comfortable over the winter that we would have no leaks.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Refilled the Propane

We took the motor home up to get the propane refilled.  Fifteen gallons cost $44.14.  Our gauge was reading empty but it turned out we had quite a bit left.
Anyway, it gave us a chance to run the RV and generator a little bit and to confirm our new tile floor didn’t come apart!  We glued the flooring to the sides and back of the steps…so I was glad to see it stayed in place.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Roku, Netflix, and Blu-Ray

We bought the new Blu-Ray player because it was Netflix and " wireless ready."

I finally got around to attempting to set it up with our wireless internet...a job I hate to do because I'm not real sure what I'm doing and have to play around with it.

Anyway, after reading the directions a little, I found that I need a wireless LAN adapter with it which upon checking, I found they cost around $70.  So my good deal on the Blu Ray player isn't such a good deal.

Our main reason for getting it was so that we can watch all the free movies that Netflix streams.  Netflix has a "Roku" box which does the same thing for $79.   We returned the Blu-Ray and ordered the Roku.  We have several DVD players so we didn't want to spend the money on the Blu Ray player right now.

Anyway, with the Roku, I should have some support in setting it up...which is a good thing.  Shipping was free and I figure once we go on the road and won't be able to use Netflix streaming, I'll just sell it on Craigs list.  We have a lot of options of  "free" movies from our Netflix $8.99 subscription, including some Tv series, like "Weeds", which we like.  Once we get the Roku box, it'll be real easy to watch them without having to go through the computer.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Movie Day

We made a trip to Walmart for a mounting bracket for the new tv and found a good deal on a Netflix compatible Blu-Ray Disc player.  It was half the price of the same one we saw at Hh Gregg last weekend, so we couldn’t pass it up.  With this player, we can stream an unlimited amount of movies from Netflix wirelessly through our internet.


We rented  “The Time Travelers Wife” on Blu-ray.  It was a good movie and looked great on the Blu-Ray. We spent a lazy afternoon up in the RV watching the movie and enjoying our “new” rv.  It was a very nice way to spend a cold afternoon.

We still haven’t completely decided the best way or best type of bracket to mount the Tv.  One more thing to figure out!  In a motor home, you need to consider the fact that they are bouncing down the road so you need a sturdier mount than you would need in a regular home.  Problems, problems….

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

New TV for the RV

Now that we finished the new flooring in the motor home, we decided we need a new project :)
A few months ago we bought a 26 inch Panasonic tv that will eventually go into the living room of the motor home.  We have it in the bedroom of the house now since we’re not living in or doing any camping in the RV.
We had decided to put a 22 inch tv in the bedroom, but discovered the 26 Panasonic fits in the overhead compartment (barely), so we’ll go with the 26 for both tv’s.  We found one just like ours on sale at Hh Gregg for $299.  So we’re off today to Tallahassee to pick it up. 
We initially bought an LG  tv which is supposed to be rated very well, but found we didn’t like it.  I never could get the picture adjusted correctly and then we started having problems with the sound.  Hh Gregg took it back and we exchanged it for the Panasonic. Great service!  We found the Panasonic to be a much better tv and it was easy to get the color right. 
I have been doing some research on lcd tv mounting brackets and there is a lot to know.  Did you know you have to make sure the VESA number is compatible?  Neither did we.  It’s the size of the mounting holes on the back of your tv.  Now we need to figure exactly how to mount the living room Tv….more projects.