Sunday, March 21, 2010

Slide leak fixed?

Yesterday we made an attempt to fix our two leaky slides.  Today, it rained so we got to test our work and so far all looks well.
On the slides by the bottom corners there was an old blob of silicone.  We didn’t know if it was from the factory or by the previous owner, but it was starting to come apart.  In the living room slide, you could see a tiny bit of daylight on the right bottom corner.  We thought when the water runs off the top and sides of the slide, it gets caught behind the black rubber wiper and if the MH is angled just right, allows water to run right into the inside.  We caulked up these corners and so far so good.  Of course it didn’t rain too hard.  It doesn’t take much of an  opening for water to get inside. So far so good.
We picked up a window lock from Lowe’s.  Reader Karen did a modification that she shared on her blog, to her motorhome.  It’s a little lock you can put on your screen door to keep the pets from pushing the door open and escaping.  Our kitties like to sit in the step well, and if they lean on the screen door, it could open.  Anyway, Karen had this suggestion and we were able to find the part this morning.  That will be our next small project.


  1. Www thanks for the shout-out on your blog!

    The pic of the half-butterfly lock with explanation is on my blog at

    (you have to copy and paste this link, because I can't make it *clickable* in a comment box...)

    Karen and Steve

  2. Thanks Karen & Steve

    We just finished installing the latch today and it works great! Great idea...I had never seen those types of locks. Gotta keep the kitties inside!


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