Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Selling RV Sofabed

We finally decided to try and sell the RV Flexsteel sofabed that we had in the motorhome.

It is in excellent shape but we had no idea how much to list it for.

I happened to see one for sale on Craig's list for $200 a few weeks ago.  I don't know if it was sold or not.

I took some pictures and listed it on Craig's List,  thinking I wouldn't get much response.  I listed it for $150.  Much to my surprise, I have had four people responding to the ad and wanting the sofa.

Okay, did I under price it?  I really HATE not getting the most money I can out of stuff I sell! 

I listed it for $150, or best offer....does that mean I can raise the price as well as lower it?

Here's the couch, what do you think?  Anybody else sold their RV couch? Should I take the $150 or pull the ad and re list it?


  1. I would of ask more for it..then you could come down!!

  2. Camping World new Magazine..the pricest I found for flexi steele..1000-3500. That is all I could find.

  3. I never really thought there would have been much of a market for a used rv sofa...I sure hate to give it away. Thanks for checking for me Cindy.

  4. I suppose being a specific RV sofabed makes it more desirable because it's made to come apart to load into and take out of an RV. I bet that other RV folks with a worn couch are just waiting to snap up your bargain!

    Karen and Steve

  5. Wow! I had no idea they would be worth much. We gave one away this week that was in nice condition...along with a matching chair. We are idiots.

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