Monday, March 15, 2010

Fulltiming Lifestyle

We have been working on making the motor home more comfortable and livable, for when we go full time.

We replaced the carpet with Allure flooring,  replaced the sofabed with two very comfy recliners, and are now researching mattresses.

Al and I slept on a waterbed for 25 + years and reluctantly gave it up 4-5 years ago.  We had a very nice soft side waterbed that looked just like a regular mattress.  Our old mattress was shot and the company that made them had gone out of business. We couldn’t find another good quality soft sided waterbed, so we reluctantly decided to go with a regular mattress.   We searched and searched and ended up with some expensive piece of crap that I absolutely hated!  After sleeping on the waterbed, we could NOT get used to that mattress. 

We had looked at the foam Temper-pedic brand mattresses, but found them too hard and very  expensive.  Plus the foam left an indention when you laid on it, and when you turned over, it took a while for the indention to fill back up.

We finally ended up with a new mattress with a thick cover pad on it. It felt real comfortable in the store, but I never could get used to it at home.  The mattress was so high that I couldn’t even sit on it to put my shoes on!  That annoyed me to no end!  I do not like those new “stylish” tall mattresses that you need a step stool to get onto.  It annoyed me that my night stand was too short and my lamp was way down low!  I was afraid I was going to get up in the middle of the night, forget I was 9 feet off the ground and fall off the bed and break my leg!  I hated that mattress SO much!  I complained and whined constantly to poor old  Al!   He wasn’t happy with the mattress either, but probably could have adjusted…if only I would stop complaining :) 

They mattress store offered a 30 day comfort guarantee, but what they don’t tell you, is that you can exchange it for another mattress or equal or higher value, but not get your money back.   The only thing is they didn’t have another mattress we wanted.  We ended up being stuck with a very expensive mattress that I hated.  We (I)  decided that a mattress is too important and we had to bite the bullet and take a loss on that thing.  We were able to sell it but of course for way less than we paid for it.  Oh was GONE!!     :)

We ended up with a Therapedic mattress that we have been very happy with.  It’s a foam mattress but a different than the Temper-Pedic.  It’s much softer and doesn’t leave indentations.   It still took a while to get used to due to having a waterbed for so long, but we like it real well now.

The old mattress in the motor home was a typical rv mattress…very uncomfortable.  We topped it with a 4 inch piece of memory foam and it served us well for a while.

On one camping trip, it started to feel hard and when we came home, we Craig’s listed it and put our air mattress in the Rv.  We put the foam topper on it and it’s pretty comfortable.

The main problem with the air mattress, is it  loses air regularly.

We had been thinking about getting one of those sleep number beds (when we go full time) but I had done some research and found a company in Tennessee that has what seems to be a pretty good product.

It’s a type of memory foam but not like the old Temper-pedic products that were too firm and left the indentation.  It’s an American company and the beds are made in America!  That’s a good thing!

Anyway, I did a little surfing on their website and think this may be our best bet.  It’s a 9 inch thick foam mattress for $499. It is supposed to be the new and improved memory type foam and won’t leave an indention.  Will have to check it out further.
Bed In a Box

We’re not ready to replace the mattress yet, but I’m keeping this as a “favorite” and I’ll keep looking.

more research….


  1. I've always hated the matress dilemma. Our last one in the house was horrible - it was a regular style mattress. Our MH came with a sleep number bed and we both love it. If we ever get a house again, we will get another sleep number bed.

    We enjoyed our water bed too for years - but not the night the heater went out!

  2. Yeah..someone else researching mattress.

    Please share that company you found and put under favorites. This is driving us crazy also!!

    Cindy from Tx

  3. Hey Cindy,

    The mattress company is

    Bed in a Box. It's is linked (in red) on the blog post.

  4. I have a BedInABox and I love it!


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