Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ordered our Foam Bed

I went on to the Bed in a Box website to show Al the mattresses I had discovered last week. They are made with the new technology memory foam…which means less heat, quicker bounce back, and not as hard as the old style foam mattresses.   Al  noticed that they have a sale which ends today.Since he is not one for missing out on a good sale,  he suggested we go ahead and order the bed :) 
We decided to order the 11 inch thick mattress in the RV queen size.  It comes with 2 free pillows and free shipping. 
We thought about ordering the regular 60 x 80 queen bed, but decided to go with the rv queen size which is 5 inches shorter and $100 cheaper. 
The air mattress we currently use is 80 inches, and hangs a little off the bed frame.  When I bring the slide in, it just squeezes in to fit.  I was concerned the foam wouldn’t like being squeezed in each time we brought the slide in, so we went with the regular rv size.
I had seen something a few years back where someone took a wedge of foam the same thickness as their mattress, and put it between the wall and the mattress.  It gave them a few more inches in length and the wedge was under their head and pillows anyway.  It could be removed when the slide went in.  This might be an option.
Anyway, we made the decision without having tried out the bed.  We normally don’t buy things that need to be comfortable without trying them out.  This place offers a 120 day guarantee.  If you’re not happy with the mattress, they will make arrangements to pick it up and return your money.  Sounds like a good deal.  We’re anxious to get it.

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