Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Roku-Works Like a Charm

Sometimes things are easy and work just like they are supposed to, but rarely! 

I have lost the patience to mess with computer things that don’t work easily. 

A few days ago, I ordered this little gadget so that I could stream live movies directly from Netflix. 

Roku Digital Video Player

A few months ago, during our long cold winter, I decided to try the free trial for Netflix.  We were both sold on it right away.  We pay $8.99 a month (plus tax) and we get one movie at a time and unlimited streaming movies.   I’m amazed how fast of a turn around time they have and you just send the movie back in their postage paid envelope.

Netflix also has tons free movies you can watch instantly from your computer or home tv.  To watch them on your tv you have to hook the pc up to the tv and then connect a few wires.  It has to be started and stopped through the pc.  Not bad but a little of a hassle.

They advertised the “Roku” box  for watching streaming movies, and I thought it might be something like our Tivo (which we love).

Anyway, it came yesterday and I LOVE it!

I was able to set it up in minutes following the onscreen guide and had NO problems at all.  Whew!  I really didn’t feel like having to follow all the computer geekspeak and fight with it.

So, now, all I have to do is hit one button on the Roku remote and I get a guide of all the movies I have selected from Netflix.  It shows a color picture of the actual dvd cover along with a description of the movie and actors. 

You scroll through until you find something you want to watch and hit play.  If you stop watching it, you can come back later to that exact same spot.  Wow!

It’s something I wanted that I know we won’t be able to use when we go on the road.  When we full time, we will be using Verizon aircard which has a monthly limit of 5gb, so that will not allow for streaming of movies.  I figured we could use it for a while, then I’ll sell it on Craig’s list or E-Bay.  After all, I hardly have anything to get rid of :)

Today, I am spending making valances for the kitchen windows.  It’s a cheap way to spiff up the place before we put it on the market.  I am also trying to clean up for company.

We have some friends coming up from Tampa, to visit on the 26th.  They are going camping at Ochlockonee River State Park and will stop by here on the way back for a few days.  We’re going to move the motorhome and let them park on our “campsite.”  We’re looking forward to seeing them.  We’ll have to show them the sites….grits cup. fried pickles, southern buffet…  The spring flowers should  really be starting to pop by the time they get here, and that’s something you don’t get in Tampa.

We may also try to meet them at the park and camp with them a few days…we’ll see.

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