Saturday, March 20, 2010

De-Winterized the Motorhome Today

We finally decided the weather may be safe to drain the anti-freeze, but we've probably jinxed ourselves!

Anyway, we went ahead and de-winterized it, checked to make sure all is working does.  So I guess we're ready to go camping.  We have friends coming in Friday so we'll probably try to make a trip shortly after that.  The problem is with spring break, and the returning Snowbirds, the Florida State Parks are pretty full.

We also installed a little gutter thing that goes over the front windshield to prevent water streaks on the front windshield.  We purchased this gutter a good three years ago, but just got around to putting it on :)

We have been having some leaking water around both the slides.  We thought the problem was on top of the slide but after looking at it better, we think it's coming from the bottom corner.  Al put some silicone (goober) in these areas, so I guess we'll see what happens.  They don't leak when the slides are in, but we can't keep the slides in all the time.


  1. That gutter should help. Hope the slides stop leaking - water leaks are a pain.

  2. I'm betting you are safe to de-winterize now. Sure hope so - it's about time for warm weather. I know you are looking forward to going camping.


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