Friday, March 19, 2010

Mail Forwarding

I was reading the blog, Tumbleweed  and they mentioned a mail forwarding service in Florida they use.  When we start fulltiming, we will need to change our residence back to Florida and get a mail forwarding provider.

That got me to thinking about it, so I went to the My Rv Mail website.  What I found interesting is that they scan all your mail so that you can view it online anytime you want.  If it’s something you deem important, they will open it for you and read it to you or scan the document.  That way you can look at the envelope to determine if it’s a fancy piece of junk mail, or something important.  I don’t know if this is something the other mail forwarding providers offer. It probably is…new technology and all. 

I’m not really sure how much actual “good” mail we would be getting though.   We subscribe to a few magazines, like Motorhome Magazine… we can’t miss that!  I don’t know if most fulltimers keep their magazine subscriptions or not?

My Rv Mail’s  Gold service for a year, with setup and initial postage is $217, if you have a Passport America plan.  I haven’t checked any other providers, so I don’t know what the going rate is.

I’m wondering how you go about getting all the junk mail to stop?  I don’t want to have to pay a mail service to forward junk.

I feel pretty certain Florida will be our home base, after all it was home for over 30 years. There is no state tax and vehicle registration is reasonable, even though the cost increased last year. 

This is just another thing we will need to research more.


  1. We've used American Home Base through GoodSam, ,
    if you're a member of GoodSam Club it cost $10 a month for basic service plus postage. We've used them for the ten years that we have been on the road and are very happy with them. You can tell them what you want forwarded and what to dump.

    The first year we were ordering our mail twice a month, but since then we get it one a month unless we are expecting something important.

    Once you get all your banking and bills set up to do on line (paperless statements and such) you'll find that you get very little mail. Also we tell everybody we deal with to make a note in their computers not to send us anything by mail but to emails us and we will get back to them within a day.

    This might not be the best mail forwarding service for you but it has served us very well over the years. Just a little more for you to research.

  2. Thanks Cathy and Jim. I'll check them out. Good to know the junk mail diminishes. That alone is reason enough to go on the road :)

  3. Hi Karen..I just joined as a and I are always bumping into each others comments on Margie's

    I like the info you got on the the mail service. All this info helps us future full timers!!

    Come on by and visit sometime!!

    Cindy from Tx

  4. Hi Cindy,
    Yes, I have seen you around the RV blogs too!

    Welcome to my blog!

    I had noticed your husband is a cat adjuster. I was a bodily injury adjuster at USAA before I retired. I never did any catastrophe adjusting though.

  5. Ha ha

    Karen, I was reading your comments to Cindy and read "a cat adjuster". Knowing about your cat's, I immediately was wondering what a cat adjuster could possibly be. Then I figured out catastrophic. Come to think of it, you are catastrophic!

  6. We use Alternative Resources out of Sioux Falls. I think we paid $168 plus postage for mail delivery once per month. Our old home post office forwards magazines to Sioux Falls, normal mail, but no junk mail. I send them an email once a month to tell them where to send our mail - I can track it online to know when it will arrive - takes about 2 days SD to FL. I continue to be amazed how long it has taken to get every company notified of our change of address - some companies fail to change it or I forgot to change it. Thankfully we now get very little mail - just magazines. We'll probably let those subscriptions run out - so much to read online these days. Next year we will have practically no mail hopefully.

  7. Margie,

    Sorry about the confusion. A "Cat" is an insurance term for catastrophe and I forgot everyone doesn't know what that means. Adjusters have lots of terms and we abbreviate everything to "doc" our files. I have a hard time writing the blog and not abbreviating! The best thing about that is if you don't know how to spell something, you can "abrvt" and no one will know you couldn't spell it!

    Thanks for the info on mail. Good to know the junk mail slows down.

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