Thursday, March 04, 2010

Movie Day

We made a trip to Walmart for a mounting bracket for the new tv and found a good deal on a Netflix compatible Blu-Ray Disc player.  It was half the price of the same one we saw at Hh Gregg last weekend, so we couldn’t pass it up.  With this player, we can stream an unlimited amount of movies from Netflix wirelessly through our internet.


We rented  “The Time Travelers Wife” on Blu-ray.  It was a good movie and looked great on the Blu-Ray. We spent a lazy afternoon up in the RV watching the movie and enjoying our “new” rv.  It was a very nice way to spend a cold afternoon.

We still haven’t completely decided the best way or best type of bracket to mount the Tv.  One more thing to figure out!  In a motor home, you need to consider the fact that they are bouncing down the road so you need a sturdier mount than you would need in a regular home.  Problems, problems….

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