Thursday, March 18, 2010

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I went to Reserve America to see if there were any available campsites at Ochlockonee River State Park for early next week.  Our Tampa friends are going to be there and we thought we might drive down for a few days and camp with them before they come here.

There aren't many sites available.  I have a list of good sites on this blog, but when I try to find the post and put in "Ochlockonee" the search site said nothing was found.  I typed in a few other key words I knew were there and it couldn't find them either. Aggravating!

I don't know what is wrong with that search feature.  I tried to find a different search feature, but wasn't able to find anything else. 

Al gets back from Tampa tomorrow.  The temperature on Saturday is supposed to be 77 degrees and sunny on Saturday.  We may just have to go camping at "Mockingbird Hill Campground".   (our property) 

We have a lot to do before our company comes so we may just drive down to spend a day with them and bring the kayaks.  They have never kayaked and may like to try them out.

We need a camping trip soon's been way too long.

I think we can probably de-winterize soon, however, I am afraid if we do, it will jinx the weather and we'll get a hard freeze!

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