Sunday, March 14, 2010

Propane Heater for RV’s

A lot of people use portable propane heaters for their rv’s. They are nice for boondocking and saving propane from your main tank.  We had looked at them but never bought one because we weren’t positive we would need one, they take up space, and they are expensive.

Last week we noticed Walmart had them on sale for $80, regular price $120.  This is the model: Mr. Heater  propane heater.

They had several left so we decided to check back later to see if they marked them down more.  We figured no one would be buying them this time of year since the weather has warmed up.

We went back to Walmart yesterday looking to see if they were cheaper and guess what?  They were sold out!   Al reminded me, that the hunters in the area (and there are a LOT of them) would probably snap them up.  Oh well.  I wasn’t really sure we needed one.  They take up valuable space.


  1. I read on RVnet last week that Lowe's was clearing them out... as they are considered seasonal at most of their stores. They were going for $37-39 for the Mr. Buddy and $67-69 for the Big Buddy! Wowzer that is a great price!

    Some posters discovered that not all stores were marking them down, only the ones who don't carry them year round.

    Hope you get one, they make a HUGE difference on the propane usage, along with battery power too. We tapped into our LP lines and made a shutoff valve and line to hook to the Mr. Buddy. But we did have to alter the Mr. Buddy by removing the regulator that is inside of it. Otherwise it only runs on low and not high when hooked to a low-pressure LP line inside the camper. If you use the portable tanks, it's ok to leave it the way it is.

    (remember, crack a window for fresh air when using it)

    Karen and Steve

  2. Thanks Karen. I'll check Lowe's.

    I did some research and people were saying it is uses a lot of propane when using the small tanks, but is frugal when using the 20 pound tank.

    Trouble is, I don't want to have a 20 pound tank inside. How hard was it to tap into the L.P. lines? I know your hubby is handy...mine, not so much :) Is it something fairly easy?

    Now that I read what you said, I want one!

  3. Well, he needed extra pipe, some copper connections, a shut off valve, a T for the black pipe and a hose extenion. Most LP places would know of a guy who could do it if your hubby couldn't.

    The Mr. Buddy works great, but our collie dog kept walking by and dragging her tail over it and singeing it! So we always had to keep the Mr. Buddy on the table out of the way of the dogs.

    Here is a blog post with a photo of it installed:

    We have since attached an Olympian Wave 8 to our line now. But we will keep the Mr. Buddy as supplimental heat if it gets really cold, or to use in other places like ice fishing shacks or at a gathering where a bit of heat is needed.

  4. Thanks Karen,

    I went over all your Rv modifications. Very interesting! We would have a problem with fluffy tails hitting the heater as well..kitty tails. Something to think about!

    I have been wanting some kind of screen door lock (sturdier) to keep the cats from pushing the door open. Your screen door latch was great. I have never seen those window latches though. I guess they would be at Lowe's in the window/screen area?

    Thanks for your input. I enjoyed all your modifications on your blog.

    How's your weather? Still have snow on the ground?

  5. Most of our snow is melted here, but we are due for some this weekend perhaps. ACK... we are sooooooo ready for Spring! (and camping!)

    Karen and Steve


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