Monday, March 29, 2010

Poli Glow

One of the reasons we went to the Tampa RV show last January was so that we could visit the Poli Glow vendor.
We had seen it last year but didn’t buy it. It’s a RV and boat polish for oxidized gel coats. 
We bought a kit. I think it was around $65.
About 2 months ago, I found a day that was warm and dry enough outside to try it out.
I experimented on a small area on the rear of the motorhome, which ended up with a very nice shine.
Previously, we had waxed and waxed and tried numerous brands of wax and polish, but it seemed the surface was porous,  and we ended up with streaking. 
The Poli-Glow seems to be working well.  It has been quite a while and the area I did still has a very nice shine.
We had been waiting for the time and a nice warm day to do the entire RV, and it looks like this week may provide the opportunity.  (Al is trying to stall, but I think he is about out of excuses :)
The vendor at the RV show said it was okay to put on the decals, but I’m a little concerned about doing that.  Our decals look good and are not peeling off, like so many others we have seen.
We’ve been told not to use any products with petroleum in it on the decals or it can cause peeling.  There are not many waxes or polished with no petroleum!
I’ll try to take before and after pictures when we get it done!


  1. Rub a dub dub..osunds like a serious workout!!

    We do need to do that also..can't wait to see the before and after!!

    Cindy from Tx

  2. Now.. if I was camped next to ya, I would lend a hand! Nothing like the sense of accomplishment you feel as you look back at each foot length of rig all shiny and sparkling!

    Karen and Steve

  3. Karen,
    No polishing got done ended up being too cold and strong winds...brrrr.. maybe later this still have time to come down and help :)

  4. If your decals are in good shape, I wouldn't put the wax on them. Why risk it? If it "ain't broke, don't fix it".


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