Tuesday, March 02, 2010

New TV for the RV

Now that we finished the new flooring in the motor home, we decided we need a new project :)
A few months ago we bought a 26 inch Panasonic tv that will eventually go into the living room of the motor home.  We have it in the bedroom of the house now since we’re not living in or doing any camping in the RV.
We had decided to put a 22 inch tv in the bedroom, but discovered the 26 Panasonic fits in the overhead compartment (barely), so we’ll go with the 26 for both tv’s.  We found one just like ours on sale at Hh Gregg for $299.  So we’re off today to Tallahassee to pick it up. 
We initially bought an LG  tv which is supposed to be rated very well, but found we didn’t like it.  I never could get the picture adjusted correctly and then we started having problems with the sound.  Hh Gregg took it back and we exchanged it for the Panasonic. Great service!  We found the Panasonic to be a much better tv and it was easy to get the color right. 
I have been doing some research on lcd tv mounting brackets and there is a lot to know.  Did you know you have to make sure the VESA number is compatible?  Neither did we.  It’s the size of the mounting holes on the back of your tv.  Now we need to figure exactly how to mount the living room Tv….more projects.

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  1. Well, no, I knew nothing about a VESA number but DH did. What's your next project after TV installation???


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