Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Bed Came Today

Last Wednesday, I ordered the new foam mattress for our RV.  It is an 11 inch foam mattress from Bed in a Box.  We ordered the Pac Bed Plus mattress which is 8 inches of support foam and 3 inches of memory foam.  They have a few other options with down covers on them, but I felt this was the best one for us.  I did order the waterproof cover for $30, as they say water is the enemy of foam mattresses.  No, we don’t wet the bed :)…if that’s what you’re thinking…but when it’s hot sometimes you get sweaty and I didn’t want to damage it.
One thing about foam, is they are hotter than regular mattresses.  The way we have dealt with that on our home mattress is a we have a thick cotton mattress pad for summer, and the regular one for winter when we like the extra warmth. 
Fed Ex brought it around noon today in a smallish box.
Hard to believe there is an 11 inch thick queen size mattress in that box, isn’t it?
We took the box inside the motor home to open it up.  The mattress is vacuum sealed, rolled up, wrapped in a heavy plastic bag, and  cellophane and then inserted in a heavy plastic duffel bag, and then packed in the box.
You are supposed to take off the outer saran wrap and then lay the mattress down where you want it.  The next layer is  a plastic bag that is supposed to keep it compressed until you remove the plastic wrapping.   While trying to get it out of the plastic bag, it started expanding.  I was afraid it would be hard to handle once it expanded, but it wasn’t.  We let it expand while on the bed frame. We just had to move it into the correct position.
 P1010185 P1010187 P1010190
It is supposed to take about 24 hours before it expands fully, but it looks to me like it is there now.
Oh, with the bed we got 2 free “ugly” pillows.  They are chunks of foam and actually are pretty comfortable. Here is what they looked like before they decompressed!
We laid on it a while and both of us agree it is very comfortable. It is every bit as comfy as our house bed, and a lot cheaper.  Of course we haven’t spent the night on it yet, but we did watch a movie on it.  We’ll probably spend the night in the motorhome tomorrow night, and give it a good test!
So far, it’s a thumbs up!
We’re trying to get things done to make the motorhome more livable when we go full time.  It’s definitely getting there in the comfort factor!

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  1. We use a 2" memory foam topper that we bought almost 3 years ago and just put it on top of the cheap mattress that came with the motorhome. We can't believe how comfortable it is!


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