Friday, March 05, 2010

Roku, Netflix, and Blu-Ray

We bought the new Blu-Ray player because it was Netflix and " wireless ready."

I finally got around to attempting to set it up with our wireless internet...a job I hate to do because I'm not real sure what I'm doing and have to play around with it.

Anyway, after reading the directions a little, I found that I need a wireless LAN adapter with it which upon checking, I found they cost around $70.  So my good deal on the Blu Ray player isn't such a good deal.

Our main reason for getting it was so that we can watch all the free movies that Netflix streams.  Netflix has a "Roku" box which does the same thing for $79.   We returned the Blu-Ray and ordered the Roku.  We have several DVD players so we didn't want to spend the money on the Blu Ray player right now.

Anyway, with the Roku, I should have some support in setting it up...which is a good thing.  Shipping was free and I figure once we go on the road and won't be able to use Netflix streaming, I'll just sell it on Craigs list.  We have a lot of options of  "free" movies from our Netflix $8.99 subscription, including some Tv series, like "Weeds", which we like.  Once we get the Roku box, it'll be real easy to watch them without having to go through the computer.

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