Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ordered our Recliners

We went to Tallahassee yesterday to order the new recliners for the motor home.  They are smaller chairs and hopefully will fit nicely in the RV. The standard sleeper couch that came with it was pretty…but not comfortable.  The new chairs recline, swivel and glide.  We ordered  the microfiber fabric.  We found it repels dirt and cat hair.  When we camp, we hike, kayak and just plain get dirty, so we need an easy care fabric.  The recliners are supposed to take 6 weeks for delivery.
We also intend to replace our carpet with Allure Flooring. It’s a vinyl floating type floor.  It comes in a tile or wood look.  A lot of people with RV’s are using it and it appears to be fairly easy to install.  I’m not looking forward to removing the old carpet…from what I have heard they use a LOT of staples to hold down the pad.  I believe we have the kitchen and bathroom vinyl under all the carpet, which will help to make all the floors the same level.  Otherwise if the carpet was just in the kitchen and bath area, we will have to put something down in the living areas to make it the same level.
You aren’t supposed to install the Allure flooring until the temperature is 65 degrees, so we will wait a few more weeks for more consistent temperatures.  We could start ripping out the old carpet, but frankly, I am a little nervous.  Once we start, we are committed!  There are a lot of things to consider, like removing the carpet underneath the 2 slides.  We won’t be able to get the carpet out from under them completely unless we removed the slides and we are NOT going to attempt that.  Also in our Class A, we have a “Dog house” cover on the engine compartment. It is also carpeted and will remain so.  Underneath the Captain’s chairs there is carpet on a mounting pad. It’s not level so I don’t think we could install the Allure right on top of it.  The stair’s are also a concern.  We have the heavy rubber to step on but the sides are carpeted.  I think we can glue the Allure to the sides and will have to come up with some kind of trim pieces.  My biggest concern is with the slides, but other people have done it and have made it work…. One of these days, we will get the nerve to start removing the old carpet…
Once we get the chairs and new flooring, we think we will be very comfortable living there.  We are a little short on counter space but we have a lot of storage and a huge pantry.  Al bought a small freezer a few years ago.  It fits in the kitchen right beside the sink.  It’s nice to have some spare room for frozen stuff and also is a good place for a bag of ice.
Another project is removing the old 19 inch TV’s and replacing them with LCD’s.


  1. I think you will like the Allure floor. My Class B had it. Roger installed it - it wasn't easy I'm sure, but it looked nice and worked well when he was finished. Adding the trim wood helped a lot. There were a lot of small corners and it didn't look perfect, but was so much better than having carpet. I think he was glad that I had a small motor home!

  2. I think the Allure flooring will be nice too. Maybe you and Roger could come visit..Roger could bring his tools :)

    We're still not brave enough to start pulling up the carpet. We hate to rip up the carpet and then find we have issues. We're mostly concerned with under the 2 slides. We looked today and found there is a compartment under the bed we can remove, to hopefully see what's going on there as far as the slide.


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