Friday, January 15, 2010

Tampa Rv Supershow

After we left St Marks for the Whooping Crane flyover, we headed south to Tampa for the RV show.
The Tampa RV show is supposed to be the largest and best show in the country.
Howard and Linda Payne who write the blog,  RV-Dreams made arrangements for a get-together Thursday morning with some other people who follow their blog.  We had been following their blog a while and were anxious to meet them. 
We also met Margie and Roger.  I have also been following Margie's blog since she was trying to sell her house and prepare to hit the road.  It’s been interesting following them as they learn about this new lifestyle.
This is Al, Margie, and Roger.
Another fulltiming couple we met was Bob and Molly, they were talking about all the great places to to go in Texas.  Another place we should put on our list.
We wandered around the show a few more hours but mostly concentrated on the vendors.  Al bought some special tape that you can put on hoses, pipes and such that is heat resistant.  We also bought some Poli Glow to give the motorhome a nice shine.  We looked at some Class A’s and really didn’t see anything we loved. We didn’t even look at the very high end coach’s this year as they are mostly too bright and glitzy for our tastes, plus I hate having to take my shoes off!  We looked at several RV’s and we thought some  the new floor plans were kind of odd.  They had no overhead cabinets and very little storage place.  Where would you put all your stuff?   Nothing we found made us want to trade, thankfully!
It was a beautiful sunny day with the temperature about 75.  It was the first warm day in about 10 days and everyone seemed to be enjoying it.
The crowds were getting way too heavy so we decided to head out to seem some sights where it was less crowded.
We went to the power plant to see the Manatees and then over to Apollo Beach.  It was fun and I took lots of pictures.  More later.


  1. Guess you didn't find a recliner that you just had to have. That was something we looked at too. The one we liked was $750. We kept one from our house but it takes up so much room. Some day we'll get a smaller one. By the way, I sold my china cabinet off craigslist yesterday - still going to take your advice and put the remaining two pieces on other locations.

  2. Glad to hear you sold the china cabinet!

    We actually did find some recliners that would work. They are made by Best Furniture. We measured them and feel we can remove the sofa and put 2 in it's place. We're planning to remove carpet and put Allure flooring down, so we're still in the planning stages. It's too cool to install flooring now anyway.


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