Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Batteries - Recliners

Our house batteries for the motor home were 5 years old, and not holding a charge very well,  so we finally got down to Sam’s Club and bought 2 new 6 volt Golf cart Batteries.
We cleaned up the compartment the batteries go in and put in the new ones.  Those were heavy buggers and Al had trouble getting them in the compartment with his 2 bad shoulders.  We got it done though, and the generator started right up.  We had been trying to start the generator but it wouldn’t start.  We thought it should have started if the RV was plugged in, but it didn’t.  We were concerned we had a problem with the generator and we needed to find out before our warranty ran out.  Fortunately, the new batteries corrected the problem and we started the generator and ran it to give it, it’s monthly exercise.  You are supposed to run it under load, so I turned on all the lights.  There are 28 lights inside that motor home.  Don’t think we will need any lamps!
While we were in Tallahassee yesterday getting the batteries, we made a trip to Haverty’s Furniture.  We found the small recliners we had been looking for.  They are in the micro suede fabric and had a choice of quite a few colors.  We brought a color sample home and decided the color  “Alpine” would be the best. They are having a sale in early February, so we will wait until then to order the 2 chairs.  I’m anxious to get them because our RV sofa is not comfortable.  I guess I’ll put it on Craig's List to sell.
We’re trying to get the motor home fixed up so that we can live in it full time…hopefully sometime this year.

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  1. Be sure to post photos of your new chairs. Glad you found ones you liked. Good that the new batteries relieved the generator concern. I'm wondering if the lights were running off the batteries or off the generator. I usually turn the a/c on for "load".


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