Saturday, January 09, 2010

Heading to Tampa

We're heading to Tampa Wednesday to visit with Mom and go to the Tampa RV Supershow.  We are making arrangements to meet with Howard and Linda Payne who live and write the fulltiming RV blog called  RV-Dreams.

They have been fulltiming for 4 years and keep a daily blog which has attracted a lot of followers. There will be a group of  "RV-Dreamers" meeting up at the RV show.  We decided it would be a good chance to meet some of these people.

Our plans today are a trip to Tallahassee to run some errands.

It now seems like our plans to go Full Time in our RV will be moving forward.  Tomorrow we will start to go through some of our "stuff" to start getting rid of some of our "treasures."


  1. We may try and drive over to Tampa for the show. We already have some plans for next Saturday though. Is there a certain day and time you all are getting together?

  2. We are planning on meeting up for dinner Wednesday night, but don't know exactly where. And on Thursday meeting at 11am at the show.

    It would be nice to meet you and Roger, so I hope you can come!


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