Friday, January 22, 2010

Work Camping Offers

First of all, I would like to welcome my latest "follower".  I don't have a name but he is evidently a Florida, Georgia Kayak fisherman.  You may have some good pointers for us as far as good places to go?  I couldn't find a website for you, but would like to see if you have some favorite places we don't know about :)

Well, as I previously posted, we are thinking of selling the house this year and moving into our RV.  We have been working on donating things to Good Will, trashing and selling some stuff.  We haven't been working too hard though cause we always seem to find other more fun things to do.  I put a few things on Craigs List and did sell an old air compressor.  I went through our closet and trashed some stuff and got another box for Good Will.  I also made some progress in our office.  I'm waiting for Al to get home to help me with the computer, printer, and monitor I'm giving to my kitty sitter Debbie.

We were thinking of doing some short term work camping if we could find something.  I filled out the volunteer form from Florida State Parks, thinking it would take some time to get through the system and them maybe we could try it out.  Well surprise, surprise...we already got two calls from a ranger at Big Shoals SP and Madison Blue Springs SP.  Both of these parks are day use parks but have and RV site for work campers.  We were thinking of waiting until around April, but we may be able to actually do some short term  work camping.

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  1. I think we are the guilty party who subscribed to your blog. We also have one at: We are headed to Ft. Clinch SP north of Jacksonville on Monday for 2 weeks, then to Wekiva SP near Apopka for a week and last to Rainbow Springs SP for the last week of Feb. We too are considering full timing it. We ordered a class b+ from the Tampa RV show. You can see pictures if you go over to our pictures on Picasaweb. There are links from the blog. We summer in the Blairsville, Ga area. We have enjoyed reading your blog. You were 9 miles from our home here in ZH when you stayed at Hillsboro SP. When are you returning to to FL?


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