Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Work Camping call

I got a call today from Larry at Lafayette Blue Springs State Park, near Mayo Florida.  He was looking for camp host volunteers in May for their day use park.   Hmmm....might be a possibility.  We were at the springs back in October when we were camping at O'Leno State Park.  We visited several springs that day and I'm trying to remember this particular park.  I went back to my blog post and pictures that day to refresh my memory.  It's tough getting old!  The park is on Suwanee River, which is one of our favorite rivers for kayaking. 

Larry noted on our volunteer application that we were Scuba divers and mentioned that people come from all over to dive in the springs at Layafette Springs State Park. Might have to get out the wetsuit!

In our quest to look into full timing, I also signed up to Work Kamper News.  This is a site where you can find Work Camping jobs, where you can work for a free site, or for a site plus wages, depending on the situation.

We have dove in the springs at Crystal River when the Manatee were there, but prefer the ocean.  In the springs once you're in there a few minutes you have seen all the wildlife there is.  When you are in the ocean, you NEVER know what will come swimming up next...Tiger Shark, Loggerhead Turtle, Angel Fish, or Barracuda!  Springs are beautiful though mostly because of they crystal clear water.  It's any easy dive unless you do a cave dive.  You have to be a certified cave diver if you want to enter the underwater caves. Many people die each year after running out of air deep inside an underwater cave. We never had the interest in getting certified for cave diving.  Again, once you are in a cave, the formations are different but basically nothing changes as far as wildlife.  I like nothing better than being underwater and looking up to see a school of fish, a person, or a boat swimming overhead with the sun shining brightly behind them.  That's quite a beautiful view and one that you would not get in a cave.  I need to look through some of my photographs and post some of those  shots.  It's really quite amazing!

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