Saturday, January 16, 2010

Apollo Beach Preserve - Apollo Beach, Florida

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While at Big Bend Power Plant Manatee Sanctuary, we could see people on a white sandy beach area straight down the canal from the plant.
We drove down until we found a nice little park with beach and kayak/canoe access.  It was quite a nice little park and a great place to kayak in the Mangroves.
Big Bend Power Plant Jan 15, 2009033
There were a lot of people fishing and would be a great place to kayak.  The water was clear, there was a lot of wildlife and you would have a great chance to see the occasional Manatee swimming by.
We’ll go back with our kayaks  some day soon.
After we left there we made a few stops looking for some RV furniture.  We’re wanting to replace the RV fold out couch with 2 smaller recliners.  The problem is finding small recliners.  We had initially been looking for 2 of the Euro style recliners with foot stools but decided that foot stool would take up too much valuable space in the motorhome.  We found some Micro Suede recliners at Kane's Furniture in Tampa and also Ocala.  We haven’t found anything the right size and fabric since, so we will probably have to end up getting them in Tampa.  Our plan is to remove the existing carpet in the RV and replace it with the vinyl Allure Flooring. Once we remove the couch, we don’t want to have to put it back so we will need the recliners.

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  1. You are doing a great job documenting all the campgrounds and parks you have visited in Florida.

    We liked the leather FlexSteel recliner at the RV Show - but it was $750. Guess we'll just keep our HUGE one until it falls apart.


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