Sunday, December 05, 2010

Our Last Garage Sale

Saturdays garage sale is our last one, or at least  for a while.

The morning started out pretty cold, so we bundled up and headed out to start our garage sale.  I managed to get out of the house with only one contact lens in each eye!   We were hoping since it is the first of the month, we'd have a lot of business.  The weather warmed up nicely so it was a beautiful day for a garage sale.

Unfortunately, half the town had the same idea and there were garage sales everywhere!  It brought a lot of people out, but gave us some competition.  We didn't get much traffic for the first few hours.

We slashed prices because we kept thinking, if we don't sell this, we have to either take it home or to Good Will.   We started out slow, but ended up having a fairly good day and sold $125 worth.  Considering the low prices we did pretty well.  We got rid of lots of stuff, but unfortunately, not all of it.

We sold the last two Christmas trees.  Yea!!!  We no longer have any Christmas decorations, except for the few I kept to decorate the motor home.  We sold all the small appliances we had there.

I brought an old goose down comforter that was pretty beat up, but I gave it to the Mexican lady across the street.  She appears to be dirt poor and I figured a nice warm down comforter would be nice for her.  She also got some jeans and sweaters.

We went home and gave the motor home a bath.  It was to be our last warm day before we leave, so we got that chore done.

Now we have to clean out the shed before we leave and that's not going to be fun.  A lot of what's left is going to Good Will.

Another long busy day down!


  1. Here is another idea. When I had finished our garage sales and still had a ton of stuff left, I gave it all to a girlfriend who was having an upcoming garage sale. Her husband came with his truck and took everything. I told them to keep what they wanted, sell it, or give it away. And that was the end of it, finally, for me.

  2. Isn't it amazing how much stuff gets collected over the years?

    I am sure you are really glad to be done with the sales-at least for now.

    Have a good trip south!

  3. It seems to me that you've done very well with your garage sales. I'll bet if you added it all up, all that 'valuable junk' you've sold has paid for the new gizmo's you've bought (i.e. android, eBook, camera etc.).

    Pretty good trade, I'd say!!

  4. Great job, Karen. It's nice when you can give something cozy to someone who needs it. Just an aside...I am slipping toward a Kindle. I know, I know...but. I keep reading everyone's posts about this.


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