Thursday, December 23, 2010

Free Books – Some Habits Die Hard

Tampa, Florida

One of the main reasons we both got our new Sony eReaders, was to eliminate the need to have to carry a lot of books with us.

Nellie's post today reminded me of  just how many books we have.  Al just finished a Nelson Demille book that was the first of a two part series.  I was able to locate it on the Tampa library system and download it right to his eReader.  That’s exactly what the plan was.  So tell me why, he came home from the laundry with a hand full of used (stinky cigarette smelling) books?   I won’t even allow them in the house until they air out!  I find myself looking through these books as well.  Old habits die hard, I guess.  We need to go through our books and donate a few of them.

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day.  Al finished up some appointments and I took Mom in for her heart monitor, or so I thought.  When we got there, we found there was a mix-up on their part and they didn’t have the right monitor.  It turns out an “event monitor” is not the same as a Holter monitor and the “event monitor” was being used by someone else.  Oh, well, nothing could be done at that point.  We left there, got some lunch and then went to Bealls Department Store to get Mom some new slacks.  She’s lost a lot of weight and none of her clothes fit. 

Later in the afternoon Al and I checked around for a new campground to stay at.  Unfortunately, we haven’t found anything any cheaper than we have here. 

I got a few suggestions in the comments yesterday, so we’ll check them out today.  We may just go up to Paradise Rv Resort in Bushnell where they have a $199 special.  If they still have any openings, that is.

Another fun day in Florida :)


  1. Hi Karen..sorry to here about your mom. I am so glad you able to be there and help her out.
    I just spent 5 days with my parents..2 of those days were at the ER for alergic reactions to antibiotics with her.

    I love to read also..I am forever picking up books at garage sales..I will have to check into the new readers.

    Ya'll have a great Christmas!

    Hugs from the The Brewer's Cindy and Walker

  2. Funny, I do the same with books. We have a Nook, but I still borrow/trade old books found in the campground Laundromats. Of course, one reason I do this is because my wife has taken over the Nook. I guess we need another eReader. Then we can have two eReaders and I will still be looking over (and probably dragging home) the old and stinky books.


  3. at least your weather is cooperating now. May you have a lovely Christmas with your Mom. I'm still debating the Kindle and reading a small paperback at the moment. Finally getting to those Girl with books!

  4. For a change, donate used books and magazines to the troops overseas. That's what we do with all ours now.

    Mail to:
    Dana Vincent
    829 Avenue M
    Council Bluffs, IA

  5. I haven't bought, or read, a paper book since I got my Sony eReader over a year ago. It sure does help to keep the 5'er a lot neater that's for sure.

  6. Just catching up on the blog and it is good to hear your weather has improved. I was hoping they had found some answers for your mom. It is so hard not knowing what is going on, hopefully the monitor, when you finally get it will give some clues. She is very lucky to have you there for her.

  7. I guess we are still "old school". We both enjoying reading an actual book. I have all my CD's downloaded to the computer and my Sony MP3 player, but I like to curl up with a book.

    Kevin and Ruth


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