Wednesday, December 29, 2010

26 Degrees…in Florida??

Tampa, Florida


We're in the middle of a 3 day cold front and we awoke to a 26 degree temperature.  We're nice and toasty inside though!


Yes, Rick, the electric blanket was on again :)  I have to confess  we actually have two electric for us and one for the kitties.  We put theirs on the dash and they love it!  We figured it would be cheaper than running the furnace, especially since our electricity is free.  We like to keep the motor home cool at night because we can't stand that dry heat when we're sleeping, and it gets pretty cool inside.  One more cold night then back to the 70's!


We're moving tomorrow so we went for a ride and located a good place to fuel up and get propane. We wanted somewhere we could easily get in and out without unhooking the toad.  We're running pretty low on propane and were trying to make it last until we moved.  Al hooked up the Extend-a-Stay propane kit, just in case our propane ran out during the night.


Today we plan to start packing up in preparation for our move tomorrow.  We've really made ourselves at home here and now we have to get it all back together for travel.  We only have to go about 30 miles, so it's not far, but nevertheless, we have to go through the same preparations as if we were going on a longer trip.  We're looking forward to getting into the new sunny site.  We have quite a few trees here, which we normally like, but with the temperatures, we'll enjoy more sun.  We are supposed to be approaching the 80's!

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