Sunday, December 19, 2010

Foggy and Damp

Friday was beautiful, sunny, and warm, but unfortunately, I didn't get outside much.

I took Mom to the doctor Friday for the results of her tests.  They all came out negative, so we're back to square one as to what is wrong with her.  She feels it's her heart because she's having discomfort in that area but the cardiologist checked her out and said her heart is fine.  The doctor suggested she see a different cardiologist and we have an appointment for one that came highly recommended.  In the meantime they are going to put a holter monitor on her for a few weeks to monitor what's going on.  She's pretty depressed because nothing has been found and she's feeling worse and worse.  Saturday is her 81st birthday.  We're trying to help her stay positive, but it's not easy.

Al went to Bushnell Friday for an appointment and checked out two Rv parks for a possible stay.  They are just a little too far from Mom's house so we don't think we'll be able to go there.  This place is too expensive though.  We have reservations for Welaka Lodge and Rv Resort starting the 29th, but I think we'll have to cancel that as well.  So far we've had to cancel every reservation we've made.

We spent the day with Mom yesterday and finally got her out of the house.  I think some of her problem is depression and we think getting her out is good medicine.  We took her to Sam's to buy some Christmas gifts and we got her a new microwave.  After that we took her to Outback for a birthday dinner.  We were hesitant because Outback usually has a long line.  We had to take a beeper and they told us it would be a 20-30 minute wait.  In about 5 minutes they called us to our table.  That's the problem with Florida in the winter....lots of tourists and snowbirds and all the restaurants are very crowded...even at 5pm!  Mom and I had the WalaHalla pasta, which is a chicken and pasta with vegetables.  It was excellent. It's not even on the menu anymore but they will fix it for you if you ask.  It's always been one of my favorites.  I sure wish I knew how to make it.   Al got a steak and lobster, so he was a happy boy as well.

Today is very foggy and damp, but there are people on the golf course.  Die hards, I guess.  We have another cool front coming in and the temps will only get into the mid 60's.  I can handle that :)

We are going to try to re-mount the living room Tv today.   We just have it setting on the dash because Al needs to hook up the Tivo and new home theater system.  We had to take the Tv out of the motorhome and use it in the house when our big Tv conked out. Hopefully today will be the day we get it done!  We just got our fresh water hose hooked up yesterday.  Al had a leaky connection and it took some time to get it done...and we had no time.

Our Florida vacation hasn't been much fun so far, but we appreciate the warmer weather and it's good to see family.  


  1. If you think it's crowded now, wait until after the 1st, it will be twice as bad.

  2. Hope you find a good place to stay. I'm glad you can be there for your mom, lost mine too long ago.So my Christmas wish for you is that your mom starts feeling better, the sun starts shining and that you all have a wonderful time together. Merry Christmas.

  3. Hope your mom perks up and that you all have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Good luck with finding a place to stay that's reasonably affordable. We're hoping to be in South Florida next winter, depending on costs! Hope your Mom feels better for Christmas. Cheer least it's warm where you are!

  5. Hope your mom feels better. If she can stay positive, it will certainly help-that is true for all of us.

  6. The WalaHalla pasta sounds pretty good. Can you use a jared Alfredo sauce? If you want it lighter, you can add some milk.

    Hope your Mom perks up so you can get away for awhile. But do spend as much time with her as you can. Just being old can be depressing!

  7. Hugs to your mom and hope you all have a great holiday together!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. I'm sorry your plans are not quite working out as planned. Hopefully your Mom will feel better soon soon.

    We took care of both our Mom's for many years. It was difficult at times. We look back now and feel proud that we helped make their last years a little more enjoyable and comfortable.

    God Bless You!

  9. Merikay
    I don't think a jarred alfredo sauce would be the same. They use some kinds of seasonings in it and I'm not much of a cook, so I don't really know what it is.


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