Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hurricane Season 2010 Ends!

Hurricane seasons runs from June 1 through November 30.  It looks like we dodged a bullet this year, although we can still get hurricanes after the official end date.

We've got a cold front coming in and Tuesday was terribly hot and muggy all day.  I had to run the a/c to be able to stand it.  We stayed home and sorted, organized and trashed.  Al thinks he has finally made enough room in our garage to fit my Honda Crv!  That's some accomplishment!  We have a boat, riding mower and golf cart in there and now the car will fit while we're in Florida.  He's getting there.

We're starting to really wonder exactly how we are going to get all of our "must haves" in the motor home once the house sells.  We figure we need about 10 more feet in length and 5 more feet of width and maybe a trailer!

We're fighting for our "turf."  My turf is the main rv, and his is the "basement."  I have gotten a dirty look quite often when I remind him that an object has to go in his basement.  I don't know how it will all fit and leave room for us. We need a bigger motor home!

Tuesday was the day we were supposed to get an offer on the house.  Well Tuesday came and went and no offer.  Oh well.  We hadn't counted on it and frankly it would have really screwed up our winter trip!  We really don't want to behere this winter.  We don't care for the weather in the winter.  It's cold and every time we get a new cold front, we have tornado watches and warnings.  I am a real coward when it comes to weather, so I prefer Florida where the weather is normally much better.


  1. You really have to stop and think about each item you put in your RV. Is it really something you can't live without and are you going to use it often?

    Travel Safe

  2. We're still determining what we "must have" on a daily basis. There's just no way to know what you can't live without until you've lived in the RV for a while, so give it a while. You'll figure out what you can toss pretty soon, then it's an ongoing process. Happy Trails!

  3. I agree. It is difficult to know what you really will need. We have found a lot of things that we thought we needed, but haven't used in the past year. Take as much as weight will allow - you can toss it later if you don't need it. We pretty much split the cabinets and closet for clothes. The living room/kitchen contains food, dishes, pots/pans, and computer stuff. The basement is pretty much Roger's for tools, outdoor camping chairs.

  4. I can guarantee you will take a lot more stuff than you will ever use. We have been cleaning out ever since we left. The MOST important thing is to keep the weight down on the RV. It's amazing how much weight those little things can add up to.

    Hopefully - no more hurricanes this year.

  5. Upstairs, Downstairs! That's pretty much the way it is in our RV. I get the basement and Paulette gets most of the storage upstairs. That suits me fine though as long as I have enough room for my toothbrush upstairs I'm fine!

  6. It’s taken a while but I have caught up on all your blogs. It is hard when you are on the road to be able to read everyone’s blogs. Just letting you know we are following along, I find now if I copy and paste them, I can read them later.

    Sorry to hear that you haven’t had any word on your possible offer for the house, but as you said maybe it’s a good thing if it is going to mess up on your winter holiday.

    Kevin and I will have to decide soon about our mail as well. We really don’t get too much that is important but Kevin’s Mom is going to be moving in the near future and we will need to find a new address. We thought of our daughter but she is in Nova Scotia and we would rather have an Ontario address.

    Your shots of the moon are very good. The camera seems to be working out for you. I really like the one of the moon with the tree branches in it.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. I'm sor far away from thinking about what to take along it's not funny. My thoughts run more to what can I get rid of today!

    Maybe I should start with my husband. I didn't really say that!

  8. Merikay...yep you said that! How funny. Hope Craig doesn't read this blog! I have those days with Al too!


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