Monday, December 27, 2010

Hunkered Down in “Sunny” Florida

Odessa, Florida – Silver Dollar Resort

Yesterday was a windy, cold and ugly day in Central Florida. 

The weather report I read on my Droid said the winds at about 20 mph, but it sure seemed stronger to us.  Many of the stronger gusts would actually shake the motor home.

The temperature never got over the low 50’s and the sun only peeked out on occasion.

It was a good day to stay inside and hunker down, which is exactly what we did.

We had some issues with our satellite because the wind kept blowing the dish around!  The stand stayed up just fine because Al had the legs anchored down, but the dish would turn a bit.  We tried to tighten it, but the wind would move it just enough to mess with the signal.  Al finally decided to watch his football games on the over the air tv…commercials and all!  I don’t think the commercials mattered too much to him anyway, because he dozed through a good portion of them.

I went back to the bedroom and watched some old programs I had Tivo’d.  I got in bed, pulled the covers up and turned on the electric blanket!  That’s my idea of roughing it while camping!

We did make a trip to the laundry mat and did 4 loads.  The washer and dryers here cost $1.25.  The new campground charges  $1.75.  That’s quite a difference so we figured we’d get as much done as we can while it’s cheap.  I actually don’t mind going to the laundry.  I remember when I lived by myself many years ago, I hated going to the Laundromat and the first thing we bought when we got married was a washer and dryer.  For some reason, I don’t hate it anymore.  Maybe because it’s in a campground, not an actual Laundromat.


  1. It's still hard for me to imagine being hunkered in bed under an electric blanket in Florida? Sure hope the weather warms up soon.

  2. I have never minded going to a laundromat, because it has usually been while on vacation. I like to be able to do all of the wash loads at one time instead of one at a time which can take all day at home. Especially when i forget I'm doing it!

  3. Brrrr that is not nice for Florida Weather, for sure!

    I have been known to fire up the generator for a while before bedtime, with the excuse of charging up the batteries a bit. But really it was just so I could flick the electric mattress pad heater on high for a while before hopping in bed! LOL

    Karen and Steve
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