Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunny, Cooler

Yesterday was foggy and cloudy all day as the "cold" front was moving in.  I didn't mind though because it wasn't freezing cold.

We took some time in the morning to get the new home theater system set up and finally got the Tv off of the front dash area.  No satellite yet unfortunately.

We did some organization around here and we continually are finding things that don't need.  It's funny how Al, who used to be the worst one to collect stuff, now says, "get rid of it."  We're finding it's so different living in the rv, verses just a short camping trip.  Our little Christmas tree is sitting in a box in Mom's garage.  There is just no room for a 3 foot Christmas tree.  Our other decorations are still in a box under the bed!  We have too many jackets and sweat clothes and we plan to get rid of some of them.  I can see some serious garage sales and Good Will runs in our future this spring.  We're realizing our space limitations.  We could use a larger motor home.  This one is only 32 feet.  We have two slides, but 8-10 more feet would come in handy!

I had to watch the two hour Survivor season finally with commercials.  I hated  watching it like that.  It seemed like it would never end!   Poor Al wasn't feeling well last night and felt too bad to stay up, so he went to bed and missed it.  Normally we would have just tivo'd it.  I don't think we're going to get a satellite signal here, but I guess we'll try again.

The temperature is 37 degrees this morning, but the sun is out, so I think it'll be a pretty day.  It's supposed to get up to 62, so it'll be cool.  Sure would like to see some upper 70's or 80's!


  1. You'll never have enough room we've discovered. We also have more clothes than we need. We finally made a rule that if you buy an article of clothing you must get ride of one of the same. I got a new pair of shoes recently and got rid of a pair I wasn't wearing. It works for us.

  2. 70's here in AZ. But I keep thinking that Florida is going to warm up and be happy again. Fingers are crossed for you.

  3. Glad to hear it's warming up for you.
    Those winter clothes are a problem...we know. We have to keep some of ours because we return to north Georgia to visit. No where to store those bulky items!

  4. Guess what? If you get a bigger MH, you'll probably just fill it up too!! It's a never ending battle in an RV. Once it warms up there it will sure be a lot nicer with only tshirts and shorts to worry about.

  5. I wonder about how much we will bring. Craig will want to bring it all, I think I'll take the approach that I will take the minimum and if I need something I can always buy it.

    The only time I have ever not been able to buy something I needed was on a ski vacation in Tahoe. I need to sew up a rip in my jacket and none of the stores had needles and threads. Not the grocery, nor the drugstore. Such a little thing!

    But we survived!

  6. We don't have TV at all, but Kevin found a site on line called VUZE that is really good quality and we downloaded Survivor so we were able to watch it on our computer, and there were no commercials. Something to think about when you can't use the satellite.

    Kevin and Ruth


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