Thursday, December 09, 2010

Plan B

Okay, plan A isn't working too well.  It's 2pm and we aren't ready to go.  We decided to stay put tonight and leave early tomorrow (yeah right).

  We had a problem getting two of the kitties (Dolly Parton and Medium) loaded into the motor home.  They sense when something is going on and get scared.  Once that happens we have a hard time catching them.  They were feral cats and sometimes that wildness stays with them a long, long time.  They are now both drugged and safely inside the motor home where they'll stay tonight.  I'm not too worried about them getting cold, but we will leave the heat on for them.

We are almost ready but with it getting dark so early and since we want  to try to find some propane on the way, we decided the heck with it.  We'll go out and have a nice lunch somewhere and maybe even a nap when we get home.  We don't want to drive and night and prefer to have a good margin in case of any problems.  Since we're leaving for a few months, we don't want to rush and forget something important.

I called the campground and told them we're delayed.

I guess this is what they mean when they say plans are set in Jello!


  1. Stay focused and calm and everything will fall into place. I know you are anxious....I am too and we're not moving til next Wednesday!
    Take care and safe traveling!

  2. jello or chalk - if your plans don't change something is wrong - at least for us. Sorry your kitties are having such a hard time. My Skitz falls apart whenever we pull in the slides but at least they can't hide anywhere too hard to get to.

  3. That's the beautiful thing about retirement I've grown to love--flexibility. You don't have a specific schedule to follow and can do what you want, when you want to--especially if you have skiddish pets :-)) Sleep well tonight !

  4. Welcome to the world of jello. It happens. You are wise to just chill out and leave tomorrow. There is no hurry. That is what it will be like when you are full-timers - no hurry, no schedule. I'm wondering what is going to happen if one of the cats escapes along the road somewhere or in an RV Park.

    Thanks for the update - hope tomorrow's update will be that you have departed and then arrived at your destination safe and sound...and with the cats under control and settled in.

  5. Or Smoke ...

    I remember the frantic departure we made on our two week rental vacation.

    So much better to not be pressed for time!

  6. A day or two will not matter. I confess, in this case, I might be a tad annoyed with the furry duo. Sounds like you have accepted them for how they are.

    Have a fun trip tomorrow.

  7. No need to rush...Florida will still be here. LOL! You're approaching it with the right attitude!

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