Monday, December 13, 2010

Arrived at Silver Dollar Resort

Odessa, Florida

We left Bushnell Saturday, and drove the 60 miles south to Silver Dollar Resort in Odessa Florida.  We arrived early afternoon.  It used to be a campground with a few mobile homes thrown in.  Now there are mostly newer modular homes, and older mobile homes in this park.  There are a few empty lots with rv's in them, but very few.  Years ago this was mostly an rv park with a few mobile homes.  It was your typical snowbird campground.  I remember coming in here 20 years ago and seeing all those snowbirds having such a nice time, and I envied them!    It's not your typical campground, but it serves our needs due to the location.

We arrived a day early so we called first to confirm there wouldn't be a problem.  We spoke to the week-end manager Ken and he said not to worry about paying for Saturday, we'd just start paying on Sunday.  That works for us!   

We're just 10 miles from my Moms house in Tampa, in the city of Odessa.  Odessa is a beautiful outskirt of Tampa with beautiful lakes and large Live oak trees. It was rural with lots of horses and houses with acreage, at least it was until the developers came during the housing boom.  We passed some mega mansions on the way to the rv park.

Silver Dollar Resort is a golf and trap shooting club.  We were told they have more trap shooting contests here than anywhere in the country.  Currently there are no shooting contests going on.

 There is a small separate campground (where we are) right by the driving range.  We are parked there overlooking the driving range.  Hopefully the golf balls will not be coming in our direction.  Our our rear window, we look out at the clubhouse.    There is a snack bar and regular bar there with big tv's all around.

This is a golf community with lots of golf carts running around, even in the evenings.  Most everyone has one in their carport or garage.

We have a nice level concrete pad and are one of only 3 rv's here right now.  It gets busier during shoots and after Christmas.

We woke up Sunday morning and saw 5 deer playing on the golf course.  Once it got a little bit light outside the golfers started coming.  The weather was nice and we only needed a light jacket all day. I think it got up to the mid/upper 60's.

We spent most of the day with my Mom.  Her sister from North Carolina is there and also my cousin.  It was nice to see everyone.

The wind started picking up last night in advance of a cold front.  The high today is only supposed to reach 50 and down to 31 tonight.  We'll be having several days of that until it warms back up Thursday.

I'm up early this morning because it's do windy, the wind noise woke me up.  Once I was awake, I realized it was cold in here so I turned the furnace up.  It didn't kick on.  We wondered if the pilot light blew out due to the strong winds.  We're not exactly sure how the furnace works.  We have never had to light a pilot light, we just turn it on from our Intellitec Electronic Climate Control. I got out the manuals while Al checked the fuse panel.  He found the fuse was not pushed all the way in.  I don't know how it got out, because it was working fine last night.  Anyway that solved the problem and we have heat again.  Thank goodness.  This was not going to be a good day to be without heat.  We have a forced air heater but I won't leave that on while we're sleeping or gone.

Today will be cold and windy, so I don't think we'll be outside much.  It's supposed to be windy most of the day.


  1. Sure wish you were having nicer weather but it looks like that cold front is going to hit you pretty hard. But you do get to spend precious time with your mother and that is so important.

  2. Glad you got the furnance working with little effort. Definitely something you want working when the temperatures are so chilly. We have also had to have ours on each morning for s short time. Once the sun comes over the mountains it starts to warm up.

    Happy to hear that you are settling in nicely and that you are close to you Mom's place, I am sure she is happy to see you.

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. Wiggles. Stuff in RV's always manage to wiggle around somehow, maybe that's how the fuse slipped out. Who knows. The incredibly complex systems we carry around always amaze me. Glad you got it figured out. Sounds like Tampa is a bit warmer than Ocala. Stay warm and enjoy a day in. Happy to see you settled in to Florida in a good place! Finally!!

  4. Hey that's not bad temps,were sitting here in KC at 5 deg now that's cold..

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    Any suggestion?

  6. It just doesn't seem right that you're having to worry about a furnace not lighting down in Tampa!! Glad it was just a loose fuse though. Hopefully, soon, you'll be getting more work out of the a/c than the furnace!

  7. Sounds like an interesting campground. Hope your mother is feeling better.

  8. Glad you got that heater going. It's cold here in Chiefland, too. 40 now but feels like 31. High today is only 46. Forcast is for 70's by Thursday. I'm sure your area will warm up too.

  9. Glad you figured out the furnace, being cold is no fun.Hope all is well with your mom and you enjoy your time in Florida.

  10. So glad you guys made it to your destination and hope your mom is feeling better.

    How are the kitty cats doing?

    Hubby's sister and husband are soon heading to their park model in Bradenton for the winter. They're tired of the 30's here in PA!

    Enjoy your Florida time!

  11. Sorry the Florida weather is so bad for you right now, but better days are ahead. I think our heater has been running all day. I can't get our outdoor plants/shrubs covered because the wind keeps blowing them off. Sounds like an interesting park you are in. Hope you get some photos when the weather warms up.

  12. Seems like a grate way to visit your mother for the holidays. You have your own place, and yet you are only a few miles from her place.

    Keep us posted on your activity, and duck if a ball comes your way!


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