Saturday, December 04, 2010

Busy Friday

I had to go back to the eye doctor yesterday to check on the contacts they had me in.  They gave me some multi focal lenses to try and warned me we may need to try a few different strengths.

I put my contacts in yesterday morning.  Now, remember, this is the first time I've ever worn two contacts.  Normally I just wear one contact in my right eye. I put the contacts in and the right one felt really uncomfortable.

I finally decided I' was going to have to remove it. Once I did I tried cleaning it and it came apart....into two contacts!  What?  How could this have happened?  I had no clue...until I got to the doctors office and I decided to check my left eye...yep, no contact there!  Like a dummy I put them both into the right eye!  No wonder it didn't feel right.

Al told me, "I bet you won't post that to your blog!"  He thought I'd never tell what a dumb thing I did, but hey, we're all friends here, right?

Once I talked to the doctor, we decided to go back to the mono lens contact, but he wanted me to try a little correction in the left eye for distance.  He increased the strength in the right eye (for closeup) and sent me on my way to try this new prescription.  I think it's going to work out well.  Those multi focal lenses really bothered me.  I got headaches and was nauseous.   I just have to go back Monday and he'll write me a prescription.  I don't have enough time to get any more while we're here.

We finally got Al his eReader yesterday.  We had been back and forth on them and even bought the Sony 300.  He liked it real well, but it only had a 5inch screen, no dictionary, and only 3 font sizes.  My 600 has 6 font sizes and sometimes that larger print comes in handy.  We found the 600 on sale at Office Depot for $149 and a nice cover with built in light for $19.99.  So he's finally happy and can quit whining :)

We went to the bread store and stocked up on bread.  Thomasville is the headquarters for Flowers Foods, which makes most of the bread you eat.  Check on the back of your loaf of bread...good chance it's from Flowers in Thomasville, Georgia!  They have a wonderful little (cheap) bread store.  They were trying to almost give away dinner rolls yesterday....25 cents a box!

We discovered these wonderful little Nature's Own Sandwich Rounds a while back.  

We got them for 50 cents a package!  If you haven't tried them, give them a try.  They are so good!  They make wonderful hamburger buns, are great for egg salad sandwiches and even just as toast.  They don't look very good, but they are so good!  We stocked up on breads and will freeze some.  I hate paying store prices for bread when we have found them so cheap at the bread store.

We spent most of the day running errands in town, but when we came home, we had a package on the porch.  Our surge protector was waiting for us.  I ordered it Wednesday and we had it Friday.  Now, that's good service!   Thanks Lawrence Rv for such great service.  The unit was much bigger than I had pictured.  It's a solid piece of equipment, pretty heavy and appears to be solidly built.  We'll give it a try today at our connection at the house.  

Today is our last garage sale.  I have mixed feelings about that.  The extra money is nice and we're getting rid of lots of stuff, but it's going to be cold today!  Once we're finished today, we'll start cleaning out the storage shed.  Some stuff will go to Good Will and the rest home to our garage.  Once we get back home, we'll start having our sales at the house and see how that goes.  I think we probably have attracted more customers being in town than we will at the house which is about 5 miles from town.  We may end up renting another shed if we don't get any business.  But for now, we're just about done garage sale'ing for a while!


  1. Hey ~ never heard of that one. I tried contacts for a couple of weeks and really could never get used to it.

    Interesting post, and yes - we are all friends here! :)

  2. Good morning, Karen, and good luck on your garage sale! I appreciate your information on the e-Readers, since I am slightly looking, just slightly. Fun to hear everyone's take on the different types of readers. Have a GREAT day

  3. I did something like that with my contacts many years ago. I switched them...left one in my right eye and right one in my left eye. I felt off-centered and walked around backwards for a while. ;)


  4. You'd think you would be able to see twice as good out of the eye with 2 contacts in it, right??

    Nice eReader, I'm sure Al will love it!

  5. Ha ha ha - two contacts in one eye! I "lost" a contact once...then "found" it stuck up under my eye lid.

    Well, you've given the garage sale thing a good've probably been able to buy all your new stuff with the money you made.

  6. Love the contact lens story. That was priceless. We use those sandwich rounds all the time now. We discovered them about four months ago. They are just perfect for just about any kind of sandwich and it's less bread which is good. Good luck with the garage sale.

  7. The two contact thing happen to Dawn a few years back.

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