Thursday, December 09, 2010

Today's the Day

Well today we will finally start our trip south to Florida.  It's not like going to Florida is such a big deal since we're only about 30 miles to the state line anyway!  We're heading southeast and only going about 100 miles.

We have to catch the kitties (remember Medium and Dolly Parton?)  I wanted to get them into the motor home yesterday, but it was just too cold and I didn't want them to freeze.  They both have planted themselves on the bed on top of the electric blanket.  I've been leaving it on for them all day because they're all such wienies!  It seems to make Medium lazy and almost like he's been drugged.  Drugged is good for him, because I'm fixin (that's a Georgia word) to give him a tranquilizer.    Yes, I know they're spoiled, but they're Florida kitties and not used to this cold weather :)

We still have a lot of stuff to do today before we are ready to go but we wanted to at least wait for daylight.  The temperature is 29!

We're hoping to get some propane on the way.  There is a place on the way, but unless the owner is there at the time, no one can pump it.  We're hoping he will be there when we come by, but we aren't sure when that will be.  Our gauge inside shows full, but the tank gauge shows 1/2 full.  So we're not sure how much we really have and with the cold temps, we want to get it topped off.  We had hoped the local propane company could have gotten here to give us a fill-up, and they said they would when they were in the area.

I guess it's time to get some breakfast and get started....lots to do.

Florida here we come!


  1. Good luck and have a safe trip! I can't wait till it's our "today's the day"! Love reading your journal.

  2. Yippee! I'm excited for you! Hope to see you sometime this winter. Have a safe trip - it's 45 here at 7:30 and the high will be 62. Hey, it's better than Georgia.

    Congratulations! You are now official snowbirds!

  3. Good luck with the Kitties and have a safe trip.

  4. Hooray, off to Florida! Me too, Karen, although this time I am flying. Leaving this morning and will get to Ocala about midnight tonight, without my kittie, by the way. Jeremy usually rides great except when we first leave, if the road is bumpy, he gets sick. Wondering if a tranquilizer may be the answer. Good luck on your trip and have fun! Excited for you

  5. "On the road again......." great feeling I know. Have a great trip and enjoy your journeys in your "new" lives.

  6. Good luck and have safe trip. Sure hope the weather warms up for you in Florida so you won't have to worry about propane fill-ups!

  7. Hope things warm up for you!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  8. Save travels! We are planning on being in Florida in mid-January. Hopefully we can meet up for a kayak trip. Take care.

    John and Carol


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