Thursday, July 01, 2010

Dream Trip

We spent yesterday working outside.  We've had some rain partially due to the feeder bands from Hurricane Alex.   The rain is causing the "sprouts" to grow.  Those are those nasty things that sprout up two days after you mow.  I hate them!  I mowed several acres yesterday and ended up with a bad case of  "mower butt" and a sore thumb.  Gotta mow while it's cloudy, cool,  and not raining!

Al worked on cleaning the concrete pad up by the garage.  He had wood piled up there and the beetles got it, so we ended up with a mess.  It's cleaned up now and ready to power wash.  Another project that needed to be done before we put the house on the market.  If the weather holds out, we may be able to get some some pressure washing of the back porch in preparation to paint..

We've been reading so many blogs of different summer trips and it's made us anxious to make our own trip.  Not this year, unfortunately. We certainly want to head west to the Grand Canyon and all the other wonderful places in the west, but I think our first big trip will be a trip to Maine and possibly Nova Scotia.  What we'd like to do is head north starting around April.  We'd follow the spring bloom and warmer weather north.  We'd see the sights along the way and probably visit some relatives in North Carolina.  Once we got as far as we could we'd start heading south when the weather started getting cooler and the fall colors started.  I think we'd aim to be back in north Georgia toward the end of October.  Sounds nice, huh?  Not this year, but one day, hopefully.

Meanwhile, we are continuing our preparations to getting the house on the market.  We did some painting prep work on the back porch and were able to get a little painting done.  We're not needing to paint everything, just do a little touch up.  The secret is to match the paint so you don't have to paint it all.  I hate to paint and Al says it bothers his lungs.

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  1. I couldn't find an email address for you and wanted to answer your questions about the "safe houses" in the tunnel. Here is an interesting link that completely explains about the tunnel WAY better than I could have.



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